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Jimaoda 鸡毛大 – Eight Thousand Miles at a Time 动不动八千里

Psych rock wonderers Jimaoda (having abandoned ‘Xin’ in pursuit of their Grammy) return with their latest trip – the epic, striking, and gorgeous Eight Thousand Miles at a Time. Beefing up their already robust sound – adding a trumpet and keyboardist to the lineup – their latest taps even further into the band’s almost primal rhythmic sway – with every one in the band joining in on vocal duties, passing them off to one another like a game of musical hot potato. Yet there’s a layer of pathos to the sprawling arrangements that slowly sinks in, grounding their delirious, delightfully off-kilter folk-laced psych-pop ramblings in unexpected ways – always guiding listeners back to the core melody at hand. A rousing singular work from one of the rock scene’s best acts out there. 

迷幻摇滚乐队“鸡毛大”(为了追求格莱美放弃了“信”字)带着他们华丽震撼的最新史诗《八动不动八千里》回归。拔高他们本就强劲的声音——阵容中增加了一位小号 / 键盘手——最新作品进一步深入乐队近乎原始的摇摆律动,乐队中每个成员都贡献了人声,相互传唱仿佛在玩音乐版的烫手山芋游戏。然而,在繁杂的编曲中,又有一层感伤的慢慢渗透,以意想不到的方式为他们疯狂、令人愉悦的偏离民谣的迷幻流行乐打下根基——始终引导听众回到最近的核心旋律中。这是摇滚场景最出色的乐队之一推出的令人振奋的奇特作品。

white + – II

It’s been over ten years since white+ – which consists of Carsick Cars frontman Zhang Shouwang and The Gar’s Wang Xu – cut loose with their self-titled debut – a slice of electronica heaven that became an essential piece of that early Maybe Mars catalogue. And while the pair have never stopped playing – popping up in festivals and clubs across the country – listeners haven’t been able to get a taste of what they’ve been up to till now. Aptly named II, the duo’s sophomore release is a throwback in the best sense, sliding right back into its groove of looping rhythms, woozy guitar, distorted vocals, swirling feedback and kicking drums with ease. Oscillating between club-leaning earworms and more sprawling minimalist jazz-laced jams, white+ hasn’t so much updated their sound as allowed it to marinate in a decade’s worth of creative exploration. 距 Carsick Cars 

主唱张守望和嘎调的王旭组成的 white+ 的首张专辑已有十年之久,这张独立电子天堂般的专辑成为了兵马司早期发行的重要部分。虽然这对组合从未停止过演出,经常出现在全国各地的音乐节和俱乐部中,但直到现在听众们才得以领略他们最新的风味。被恰当的命名为“II”,这个双人组的第二张发行是最好意义上的回归之作,回到那些节奏循环、模糊吉他、失真人声、晕眩回授、轻快踏鼓中的律动中。在俱乐部音乐和更极简的爵士即兴间摇摆,与其说 White+ 升级了他们的音乐,不如说是让自己的声音在十年的创作探索中得到了锤炼。–11

Sweet Sister Session – Filthy Floating Fantasies

Three-piece psych rock outfit Sweet Sister Session, out of Wuhan – a cesspool of 1960s acid rock filtered through the likes of 13th Floor Elevators, Suicide and Spacemen3- are as direct as they come. Dabbed in layers of electronic transistor organ, noise feedback, muddy guitar riffs, and distorted vocals, it’s a wavelength as pure as the static from your vintage television set. Space psychedelic music made with impeccable craft and a steady hand – Sweet Sister Session captures that perpetual descent into music-induced psychosis with glee. 

来自武汉的三人迷幻摇滚乐团Sweet Sister Session,仿佛一池上世纪六十年代的酸性摇滚,经过类似 13th Floor Elevators, Suicide 和 Spacemen3 的过滤,怎么直接怎么来。轻拍层叠的电子晶体管管风琴、噪音回授、泥泞吉他即兴和失真人声,这是如同你家老式电视机的静电一样纯净的波长。以无可挑剔的技艺和稳健的手法制作出太空迷幻音乐,Sweet Sister Session 喜悦地捕捉到了由音乐引起无限坠落的精神失控。

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