New Music: J.R.G, Cosmic Project, Easy Mind

J.R.G. – Plastic n Ivory 

California-born, Shanghai-based house producer J.R.G. releases his first full-length album Plastic n Ivory on Ran Music’s dance sub-label Ran Groove. Eight lusciously produced tracks which feature ‘rich musicality, dancing instrumental solos, psychedelic tropical vibes and thick American style house beats’, it’s the perfect soundtrack to an outdoor summer patio party that goes does smooth and is brimming with detail. Supporting comes in the form of some of China’s most exciting vocalists – Credit Card, who is featured in the title track, and MC Dreaminah, who adds her lyrics and swagger to “You Can.” Let there be house. 



Cosmic Project 宇宙企划 – Debut 

While Cosmic Project, the electronic world music deep dive exploration duo, liken their music to ‘staring through a telescope’ it’s really closing to the getting lost in a kaleidoscope’s reflecting surfaces and ever changing patterns – a psychedelic journey that’s as alluring as a giant nebulous glow. Formed by two of Beijing’s hardest working musicians, Boxuan (of Nova Heart) on sitar and Yanlo (of Queen Sea Big Shark/Casino Demon) on synths, plus an array of musical accompaniment on stage (machines, bass, drums), it’s a transporting experience, that teases your eardrums with its ‘hypnotic use of sampling, looping, with intertwining sitar and krautrock-esque beats’. 



Easy Mind – Teenage Dream 少年周末

Downtempo electronic producer Easy Mind, now based in New York City, returns with his latest piece of retrofitted chillout electronic jams, a cross between peak-era video game ambience and bubbly lounge music. Never in a rush, there’s a idle charm to the vintage beats and dreamy piano-led tracks that walk the thin line between kitsch and sly – between commercial and indie – making it easy to jump in on the groove at any given moment. A breezy tonic to sip on, Easy Mind is slowly finding his signature.  



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