New Music: iimmune, Noooodle King, Sun Yizhou

iimmune – 虚构集

Beijing-based electronic producer iimmune – one of the best in the field – returns with his latest reverie – the aptly named ‘Fantasy Collection’. A master of structure, scale, and finding ways to craft electronica that’s dizzying visionary, instrumentally lush and busting at the seams with details – Xing Jiangbo (who also acts as one of the creative forces behind band Glow Curve) uses each track as his own sandbox – swaying seamlessly between art rock, electronica, ambient music and jazz as he composes flushed, flourishing and fantastical freeways between states of consciousness – between reality and imaginary. 

北京的电子领域最优秀的制作人这一 iimmune 带着最新作品回归(名字巧妙地取为《虚构集》)。邢江波(他也是“发光曲线”乐队主创之一)是一位(乐曲)结构、尺度的大师,他以各种方法创作出令人眼花缭乱的电子乐,器乐多彩,细节丰富。他把每首曲目都当作自己的沙盒,在艺术摇滚、独立电子、氛围音乐和爵士乐之间无缝切换,在不同意识状态中,在现实和想象之间,创作出一条充满活力、繁茂与幻想的高速路。

Noooodle King – Meia Lua à Beira Mar

Taking inspiration from the glow and pull of the moon and sea, as well as the bodily and spiritual dexterity of Capoeira, Beijing electronic producer Noooodle King sets the stage for his lushly detailed and thematic debut Meia Lua à Beira Mar, released with Eating Music. An exploration of oneself through various mediums, guises, and moments, it’s a narratively charged meditation – one that canvasses across multiple genres and frameworks, even going as far as to include Kaixiang’s soft-spoken vocals. An ambient road trip one moment, a spiritual freakout the next – there’s a metaphysical texture to Nooooodle King’s journey here that’s both deeply honest and boundless in its musical sensibilities – a soundtrack to one’s most intimate feelings. Spellbinding. 

从月与海的光辉,以及巴西战舞中精神与身体的灵巧汲取灵感,北京的电子制作人 Noooodle King  为自己在宜听音乐发行的首作 Meia Lua à Beira Mar 奠定了基础,这是张主题鲜明、细节丰富的作品。通过多种形式、表现手法并在不同时刻进行探索,这是一次叙事性十足的冥想:跨越了多种流派和框架,甚至包括了凯翔的低吟。前一刻还是氛围公路之旅,后一刻却是精神上的癫狂——Noooodle King 的旅程有种形而上学的质感,既真诚,又充满无限的音乐情感——这是一个人最私密情感的原声带。令人着迷。

Sun Yizhou 孙一舟 – duì xiàng x3 对象 x3

The conceptual adventurous and ever-prolific sound artist Sun Yizhou looks to amplify the sounds of everyday objects into something psychologically threatening (or at the very least triggering) on his latest duì xiàng x3, released with Beijing-based Seippelabel. Recorded in late 2023 using ‘irrational texts, performative readings, rotating motor devices, self-made speakers, and analog/digital amplifiers’ the pieces most closely resemble, albeit more drawn-out and unfastened, how movie trailers use repeating sounds to build up tension – capturing the ‘noise of physiological stimulation’. We all go a little mad sometimes. 

概念探索者和声音艺术家孙一舟,在他由北京的 Seippelabel 发行的最新作品《对象 x3》中,将日常物品的声音放大到具有心理威胁(或至少是一触即发)的程度。这些作品录制于 2023 年末,使用了“非理性的文本、表演性的朗读、旋转电机装置、自制扬声器与模拟/数字放大器”。和电影预告片中使用重复声音来营造紧张气氛,捕捉“生理应激的噪音”的方式极为相似,但释放的过程拖得更。我们有时都会有点疯狂。

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