New Music: Howie Lee, New Age of Decay, CFI Records

Howie Lee – Birdy Island

Howie Lee’s finds dreamy comfort in the intersection of textured electronica and traditional Chinese music on the lush and spellbinding Birdy Island. Wavering away from the stark sinofuturism of his sophomore LP and instead, unfolding like a loose lounge room jazz session, albeit with cutting-edge club interludes, it is perhaps the renowned producer’s most organic and inviting release yet – capturing a richly detailed and harmonious melody of sounds that feels (literally) hand-crafted with the utmost care and striking a vibe that somewhere between ‘ceremonial Taoist music, early Buchla synth experiments, and FWD>> nights at London’s Plastic People’. Atmospheric soundtrack music for those untethered NPCs finding themselves in a strange new land – or in this case the title island – a floating Sicilian theme park co-inhabited by both birds and ancestral spirits. A trip definitely worth taking.

Howie Lee在《鸟岛》中找到了质感十足的电子乐和中国传统音乐交织间,梦幻般的舒适点。这张唱片摆脱了他第二张唱片中的中国未来主义的风格,而像一个宽松的休息室的爵士演出一样展开,尽管其中仍有最前沿的俱乐部插曲。这也许是这位著名的制作人迄今为止最有机和最诱人的发行 —— 捕捉到丰富的细节和和谐的旋律,让人感觉(字面意思)是尽最大的努力手工打造的,并在 “道教仪式音乐、早期 Buchla 合成器实验和伦敦地下俱乐部 “之间打出一种氛围。为那些发现自己在一个陌生的新土地上,者标题中鸟类与先灵共生的漂浮的西西里岛主题公园,无拘无束的NPC提供的大气原声音乐。这是一次绝对值得一试的旅行

New Age of Decay – New Age of Decay

New Age of Decay is the unholy matrimony between NotAnotherPoet, aka Michael Burton, a Beijing-based writer of poetry from Lancashire, UK and The Slow Blade, aka Dann Gaymer, the multi-disciplinary Dartford-raised musician (Guiguisuisui, Nekroma) who twists electric folk, blues, post-punk, and electronica into off-kilter new forms. While Burton’s sly and apathetic verses, which tackle daily frustrations and generational concerns with existential zeal, are very much at the heart of their debut release, fused with Gaymer’s penchant for brooding, cool-headed post-punk compositions and blues-ridden snark, New Age of Decay becomes its own beast, veering into strange new territory, drenching its cynicism and scorn with humorous self-awareness and bleak poignancy. 

New Age of Decay是NotAnotherPoet(又名Michael Burton)和The Slow Blade(又名Dann Gaymer)的组合,前者是来自英国兰开夏郡的北京诗歌作家,后者是在Dartford长大的多领域音乐人(Guiguisuisui,Nekroma),将电声民谣、蓝调、后朋克和电子乐扭曲成不同的新形式。虽然Burton那狡猾而冷漠的诗句,以存在主义的热情来解决日常的挫折和代际的问题,是他们首张专辑的核心,但与Gaymer对阴郁、冷静的后朋克创作和蓝调的讽刺的执着融合后,New Age of Decay成为了自己的野兽,进入一个了奇怪的新领域,用幽默的自我意识和凄凉的尖锐感来浸透它的愤世嫉俗和肆意嘲笑。

C.F.I Records – passive tense 2图片

Beijing based noise label C.F.I Records returns with their latest dive into the deep end of noise and improvisation with passive tense 2 – their latest compilation featuring some of the experimental scene’s most combustible artists including Lijiang composer and electronic musician Chunyang Yao, whose bewitching voice is the consolation prize found at the end of a tsunami of noise), VAVABOND (aka Wei Wei) residing along the static and drones of crossed wires and not-often visited frequencies, Zhao Cong, providing the most meditative discourse of pattering particles of some sort, and gogoj (aka Sheng Jie) getting heavy with a doomy drone-based offering. For noise heads and those looking for comfort in pushing the limits of sound, this ones for you.

北京的噪音厂牌C.F.I Records带着他们最新的噪音和即兴创作回来了。《passive tense 2》,他们的最新合辑收录了一些实验场景中最火热的艺术家,包括丽江作曲家和电子音乐家姚春阳,他迷人的声音是在噪音海啸之后的安慰。VAVABOND(又名韦玮)提供了,交叉的电线和不常访问的频率间的静态和嗡鸣,赵丛,提供最具冥想性的话语的某种模式化的粒子,和gogoj(又名盛洁)基于嗡鸣的沉重 doomy。对于喜爱噪音和那些在挑战声音极限的人来说,这是为你准备的。

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