New Music: Hotkey Killer, Polyphozia, Maybe Noise

Hotkey Killer 热键被杀手 – Whose Side On You On? 你在谁身边

Shoegaze dreamers Hotkey Killer 热键被杀手, part of an emergence of young indie bands making noise down in coastal Xiamen, deliver sincere emo-tainted noise pop on their debut Whose Side On You On? As the band states, ‘with growth comes not only more mature thoughts but a sense of despair that cannot be avoided’ and the reverb-heavy, atmospheric EP finds beauty in their adolescent angst, treating these kids’ growing pains like being caught in a whirling wave. Dream pop with real stakes; shoegaze rock that wears its heart on its sleeve, Hotkey Killer are sure to strike a chord with listeners who are willing to let their guard down.

Shoegaze乐队“热键被杀手” Hotkey Killer,是厦门年轻独立噪音场景中的一分子,他们在首张EP《你在谁身边》中传递出真诚的情感噪音。正如乐队自己所说,“伴随成长而来的,不仅是更成熟的想法,也是一种无法避免的绝望感”,沉重的混响,巨大的氛围感,在这张EP中你能找到一种年轻焦虑带来的美感。而这些孩子们将成长的痛苦,年轻的困境,转化为一阵嗡嗡作响的音浪。这是展示脆弱的Dream Pop,是裸露内心的Shoegaze,“热键被杀手”的音乐肯定会与那些内心不设防的听众们产生共鸣。



Polyphozia怕繁杂- Polyphozia怕繁杂

While it’s clear Polyphozia, the self-described post-grunge outfit out of Wenzhou, are performing under an array of influences from late 9os emo rock to freewheeling instrumental rock, and of course grunge angst, the way they blend them together makes for a wholly unique listening experience. There’s a lot of craft put into their self-titled EP, a jangly and loose yet power chord heavy rock and roll album that extracts sympathy and fist-pumping catharsis through their masterfully arranged tracks. Call it geek rock with a dark streak, but Polyphozia hits where it counts.

Polyphozia,这只来自温州自称为post grunge风格的乐队,毫无疑问受到一系列90年代摇滚乐的影响,从情绪摇滚到到随心所欲的器乐摇滚,当然还有grunge,Polyphozia将所有这些元素混合在一起,制造出完全独特的听觉体验。他们的同名新EP颇为雕琢,这是一张兴奋又宽松,同时伴随着强劲和弦的摇滚专辑,通过精巧的结构和编曲达成情感的宣泄。称呼Polyphozia为带有暗黑特质的Geek Rock毫不为过。


Zhang Shouwang张守望 & Yan Yulong闫玉龙 – Píng Zè平仄

Maybe Noise, a new record label in Beijing releasing experimental and avant-garde music, with a focus on contemporary composition, launched last month with their first release Ping Ze, a duo composition by prominent underground rock and experimental figures Zhang Shouwang and Yan Yulong, which has been in the making since the two originally performed it in 2012. Of course, the drone piece has gone through many evolutions over the years and even its form on record, the piece still manages fluctuates between various harmonies and natural dissonances, ‘elegantly capturing a distinct tension order and discord…an intricate interplay between rhythm, tone, and meaning”.

Maybe Noise,北京实验音乐/前卫音乐新厂牌,专注于当代作曲,于上个月发行了旗下首张专辑《平仄》,这张专辑由地下实验场景中的重要人物张守望和闫玉龙共同创作。两人自2012年首次共同演出以来,一直在延续、完善这部作品。当然,他们的作品多年来经历了诸多演变,即使现在它已被记录在案,但你仍能感觉到它在各种和声和自然的不和谐音中来回游动。“ ‘平仄’作为标题提供了节奏和音色考量的暗示,细微的变化皆在和谐或不和谐的变化关系中发生。”



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