New Music: Hardcore Raver in Tears, Lost Salt, Jianxisheng

Hardcore Raver in Tears 白纸扇 – The Survivors Club 幸存者俱乐部

Wuhan new wave punk outfit Hardcore Raver in Tears (led by Lu Yan of AV Okubo fame) bring Hong Kong B-movie sensibility to the rave on their robust and hot-blooded debut Survivor’s Club. Finding sharp disco thrills amongst surreal, science fiction filled stories that feels like a collage of 80s inspired midnight flicks (everything from zombies inside a Wanda Plaza to nuclear holocaust makes an appearance). Yet what stands out most, besides the albums’ top-notch production, which captures the neon-soaked grim and intensity of new wave ever so perfectly, is the emotion and earnestness Lu Yan can mine out of these convoluted and sometimes downright prosperous narratives. Sympathetic ravers be damned.

武汉的新浪潮朋克乐队白纸扇(由AV大久保的陆炎领衔)在他们强劲而热血的首张专辑《幸存者俱乐部》中带来了香港 B 级电影的感觉。在超现实的科幻小说中寻找刺激的迪斯科快感,仿佛是 80 年代午夜电影的拼贴(从万达广场内的僵尸到核灾难…一切都出现了)。专辑有着顶级的制作,但最突出的却是它完美地捕捉了霓虹灯下新浪潮的严峻和强烈,陆炎可以从这些错综复杂的、有时甚至是彻头彻尾的繁华叙述中挖掘出的情感和真诚。哦,那该死的怜悯的狂欢者们!

Lost Salt 失联盐分 – 他爱你完全是

Four-piece indie outfit Lost Salt, out of Nantong, bring their ‘sentimental, but never romantic’ brand of bubbly Indie pop to light on their debut EP. Light on its feet, and injected with a jazzy, slow-burning absorption, the band are both a throwback and a modest spin on the indie pop trend that’s spreading like wildfire across the country, finding dreamy recourse in the synth-filtered walls of sound and its jangly guitars that aren’t afraid to dig into the reverb. Sugar-coated and dripping in sentiment it may be, yet Lost Salt never lose track of their melodic adeptness, showing off their musical chops again and again in the four-track release.

来自南宁的四人独立乐队失联盐分,在首张 EP 中带来了他们 “多愁善感,但绝不浪漫 “的独立流行歌曲。脚步轻盈,他们为自己的音乐注入了爵士感十足,缓慢起效的成分,乐队既是一种对独立流行趋势(已经如野火一般在全国蔓延)的回溯,也有适度的改变,在合成器过滤的音墙中进行梦幻般的追索,浸淫在混响中的噪响吉他。糖衣炮弹和滴水不漏的情感可能就是这样,但失联盐分从未失去他们的在旋律上的优点,在这四首曲子中一次又一次地展示了他们的音乐能力。

Jianxisheng 简希声 – 雁栖山

Like Tolkien was able to imbue his landscapes with a sense of majesty and wonder, Nanning post rock band Jian Xisheng looks to pay equal tribute to the bountiful and lush mountains of Yanshan, located outside of Guilin, on their debut release. Formed in university three years prior, the young band has been hard at work piecing at times luscious and at other times hulking (one track even looks to evoke the great battles of Tolkien). While the band still has plenty of time to make their mark on the post rock scene, this is a hell of a start – and one that will have post rock fans clamouring for more.

就像托尔金能够在他的风景中注入一种威严和惊奇的感觉一样,南宁后摇乐队 “简希声”在他们的首张专辑中也向位于桂林郊外的丰饶的燕山的茂盛的山脉致敬。三年前在大学里成立,这支年轻的乐队一直在努力前进,拼凑出时而茂盛时而庞大的作品(有一首曲子甚至看起来唤起了托尔金的伟大战役)。虽然乐队仍需要很多时间在后摇场景中留下他们的印记,但这是一个很好的开始,后摇乐迷们会争相购买他们的专辑。

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