New Music: Gum Bleed, Laughing Ears, Young & Dumb, Daydream

Gum Bleed 牙龈出血 – Punx Save the Human Race 朋克拯救人类

One of the punk scene’s most steadfast outfit, Gum Bleed, are back with their latest call to arms Punx Save the Human Race. Since their humble beginnings nearly fifteen years ago in Shijiazhuang, the Beijing-based band has weathered the storm through thick and thin, keeping their integrity in check and belting out one rallying cry after another. There’s an urgency and resonance to the blunt potency of Gum Bleed’s lyrics – whether they’re sifting through the wreckage of our post-COVID world order – societal indifference to social media fatigue – which filtered through the band’s old school, take-no-prisoners, meats-and-potatoes street punk feels more timely than ever. But above all, there’s the genuine notion that punk can still be a force of good in the world – something that the esteemed band radiates effortlessly on their album. 

朋克界最坚定的乐队之一,牙龈出血,带着他们最新的号召力十足的专辑《 Punx Save the Human Race 》回来了。从15年前的石家庄开始,这支来自北京的乐队就历经风雨,坚守自我,发出了一个又一个的号召。牙龈出血的歌词有一种紧迫感和共鸣–无论是对后疫情时代世界秩序的残缺,还是对社会冷漠和社交媒体疲乏的反思–通过乐队老派的、不留情面的、荤素搭配的街头朋克表达出来,令人感觉比以往任何时候都要及时。但最重要的,他们真正的理念是,朋克仍然可以成为世界上的一股善的力量–这一点在他们的专辑中毫不费力地散发出来。

Laughing Ears – Blood

Shanghai-based electronic producer Laughing Ears continues expanding upon her dark-tinted, techno-laced and immersive architectural sound with her latest LP, Blood, off of Mexico City club label Infinite Machines. Themed around the tale of Fenrir – a giant wolf in Norse mythology, the ten-track album is in many ways the prolific artist’s most accessible and harmonious work yet, not only tailor-made for the dance floor but cinematic in its scope and rhythmic intricacy. Above all else, Laughing Ears has formulated a musical language of her own on Blood, weaving foreboding pleasures seamlessly within its tapestry.

来自上海的电子音乐制作人Laughing Ears在墨西哥城的俱乐部厂牌Infinite Machines发行的最新专辑《Blood》中,继续扩展她的暗色、techno 节奏和沉浸式建筑的音乐。这张专辑以北欧神话中的巨狼Fenrir的故事为主题,从许多方面来说,这是这位多产艺术家最容易理解和最和谐的作品,不仅是为舞池量身定做的,而且在其范围和节奏的复杂性上有电影之感。最重要的是,Laughing Ears在《Blood》中形成了她自己的音乐语言,将不详的乐趣无缝地编织在其中。

Young & Dumb 甜又丧 – Complete Human 完全人

Xi’an’s Young & Dumb, the five-piece indie outfit continues to impress on their second EP Complete Human. Led by the dynamic and commanding, both gentle and affirming voice of Li Yimeng, and dipping their toes into everything from simmering dream pop to jangly indie pop, the band bewitches with equals parts conviction and emotion, bringing melodic magnetism to both their lyrics and instrumental arrangements. It’s indie rock that rides an air of effortless charm and solidifies Young & Dumb as one of the scene’s most promising young bands.

西安的五人独立乐队甜又丧,在他们的第二张 EP 《 Complete Human  》中接续给人留下了深刻的意象。在李依萌充满活力、气势磅礴、柔和而又坚定的嗓音的带领下,他们的音乐风格从梦泡到独立噪响有着不同的变化,在歌词和乐器编排上都充满了旋律的磁性,令人着迷。这样的独立摇滚散发出一种毫不费力的魅力,使得甜又丧成为场景中最有前途的年轻乐队之一。

Daydream 白日梦 – Back to Stage 重返舞台

Both a time capsule of a young Britpop band’s riotous early years and a prospect for the many adventures ahead, Beijing’s Daydream seem rejuvenated on their sophomore release Back to Stage, even as they keep things aptly old school. With a spirited pop sensibility that reminds one to never take anything too seriously, the band sounds in many regards like a younger and leaner Joyside, for better or worse, keeping the melodies equal parts loose and undemanding, and the emotions earnest. I’m not sure there’s an original idea beneath its scrappy demeanor, but it might just sneak up on you.


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