New Music: Green Deer, GAIWAER, Whale Wave, Sunken Boat

Green Deer 青鹿 – Space Hysteria 太空症

With ample amounts of shoegaze-inflected post rock with heavy shades of math rock and noise rock – Ningbo’s Green Deer run down the checklist of what’s catching young audiences’ attention these days. But damn does it sound good on their wildly diverse debut album Space Hysteria. Nimble and wiry instrumental rock rubs nicely if strangely against glazed over vocals that shake with garage rock vitality – but overall, there’s a propulsive energy to the band’s sound that enraptures.


GAIWAER 街娃 – Incoming 硬抗命

For a good dosage of hardcore anthems, then look no further than Chengdu outfit GAIWAER who go straight for the jugular and don’t let go. Since their debut in 2016, the band has been leading the charge for hardcore music in Chengdu through muscular musicality and emotional strength. No gimmicks – just murderous guitar riffs and gut-barreling anthems – a raw, enraged, empowered, and hot-blooded rallying cry. 


Whale Wave 鲸浪 – 她的乌斯怀亚

Guangzhou’s Whale Wave continue making their mark on the indie pop scene with their second EP. Retro-fitted melancholy-inflicted indie rock tunes full of woozy guitars and pensive lyrics, there’s an assured melodic earnestness to the band’s sound that sticks with you even while it may lack the bite some of their contemporaries have. It’s indie rock that’s not afraid to swoon, inject a little surf rock swagger and lean into its softer Britpop edges.


Sunken Boat 沉舟 – 就让我坠入海底

Hailing from Luoyang, Sunken Boat are a melodic dance-rock outfit that’s sugary and sweaty all at once. Taking a cue from riotous bands such as Steely Heart and Secret Club, it’s a youthful and often saccharine mix of Britpop, dance rock, and straight-up punk that may not win any awards for originally, but succeeds principally on earnestness. And while its abrupt change in tones – from deviant to cute – may indue whiplash, they’re worth a listen for those yearning for some no-frills rock and roll. 


Translated by: A-Ling/JOY/Angeldust

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