New Music: Future Orients, Dopamine, LinFeng

Future Orients 飛去來 – Dream Like A Buffalo

Chipping away at the dance punk roots of their sound, Future Orients reevaluate their vision on their new EP Dream Like A Buffalo, out on Maybe Mars, crafting a richer and more contemplative sound. Moodier and more haunted, the band inject the tracks with existential anxiety, blanketing them in an atmosphere that’s heavier, thornier, and in the end, more rewarding. While remnants of the band’s concise ear for rapturous melodies remains, it’s clear the band has more on their mind this time around, singing almost entirely in Chinese and infusing elements of electronic music, post rock, and post punk into their murkier and emotionally fraught palette.




Dopamine – Dying Away In The Deep Fall  

Blurring the lines between shoegaze, post rock, and for the kicker, depressive black metal – Nanchang’s pioneering Dopamine return with their first album in almost ten years – a hauntingly gorgeous descent into pitiless despair. Originally released years ago, the album was rerecorded over the past couple years under Pest Productions (whose founder is apart of the band) and it was well worth the wait. A tsunami of emotions swirl amongst the blood curling shrieks, life-defying crescendos of sound, hurtling drums, and heart pounding tremolo picking crashing down like waves upon a jagged cliff. It’s an album that’s intense in its message and melancholic in its delivery – capturing yearning, desperation and anguish in all their beguiling peaks and valleys.




LinFeng – Little Dragon Palace 

Shanghai based electronic producer Linfeng turns up the fun on the breezy funk-filled sound on his latest Little Dragon Palace, to of Jade Craft Records. Forging a sound vintage in both texture and sound – the artist dips listeners into a world of 60s caper movies, Oriental art pop, and pulp fiction. With echoes of surf rock, psychedelic pop, and humid haze-filled indietronica, LinFeng’s giddy, propulsive bag of tricks are countless and assembled with a sleight-of-hand slyness that feels refreshing and light on its feet.



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