New Music: Floating in the Mist, Psycow, The Ravages, Amber

Floating in the Mist 悬在雾中 – 失败博物馆

Finding nuance, resonance, and innovative chemistry between the lines of math rock and shoegaze, Dalian’s Floating in the Mist relishes in both the genres’ intricacies and turbulent hallmarks, capturing an indie rock sound that’s above all, fresh. There’s a low-key seductiveness to overseeing the band’s more explosive tendencies – a deft touch or intoxicating rhythm that carries each track through unknown yet exciting new territory. Call it math rock on methadone; shoegaze with bewitching chord arrangements – however you want to put it, there’s a lot more going on in the Dalain band’s debut – one that rewards those with patience.


Psycow 悲伤的奶牛 – Psycow 的日记

Influenced by the likes of My Bloody Valentine and The Holydrug Couple, Psycow out of Chengdu immerse themselves in the murky waters of shoegaze and neo-psychedelic music, striking a ramshackle, chaotic, and ever-moody sound that captures the band’s gritty ruggedness and a playful ‘throw everything at the wall’ dissonance that’s not afraid to jump into the deep end of the pool. At once both frenzied and soothing – Sad Cow may not have the firmest grasp on a direction, but therein lies the charm.

受 My Bloody Valentine 和 The Holydrug Couple 等乐队的影响,来自成都的悲伤的奶牛沉浸在盯鞋和新迷幻音乐的混浊水域中,发出了一种粗野的、混乱的、永远阴郁的声音,捕捉到了乐队的粗犷和一种令人玩味的 “把一切都扔到墙上”的不和谐,从不怕跳进池子的深处。悲伤的奶牛 既狂热又舒缓——可能对方向没有明确的把握,但其魅力就在于此。

The Ravages – The Ravages

Proto-punk garage rockers The Ravages, assembled by some of Beijing’s music most active delinquents, including the gruff, unhinged and boisterous singer and guitarist Nathan Borofka, throw caution to the wind with their carnivalesque beer-soaked rock and roll. A psychedelic roller coaster ride coated in layers of fuzz, driving organ riffs and mischievous fun – their debut is akin to a 70s rock and roll variety show that descends into madness before barreling through time to the 90s grunge and noise rock scene, eventually finding its way to the piss-filled streets of Beijing. There’s a loopy anarchist spirit at the heart of the band, injecting each song with equals parts charm and lunacy that never overstays its welcome.

原生朋克车库摇滚乐队 The Ravages,由一些北京音乐界最活跃的犯罪分子组成,包括粗鲁、不正常和喧闹无比的歌手兼吉他手 Nathan Borofka,用他们被狂欢的啤酒浸泡的摇滚乐将小心谨慎抛到九霄云外。他们的首张专辑就像一场 70 年代的摇滚综艺节目,在穿越时空来到 90 年代的 Grunge 和噪音摇滚现场之前,就已经进入了疯狂的状态,最终在北京充满尿液的街道上找到了出路。乐队的核心是一种松散的无政府主义精神,这给每首歌都注入了同等的魅力和疯狂,使其永远不会过气。

Amber 琥珀 – Boundary of Time 时间边界

Xi’an post rock mainstays Amber, going strong for over a decade now, return with their latest Boundary of Time, out on 1724 Records. The band’s low-key, slow-burning sound has never sounded better – finding ways to shake up their arrangements with math rock flourishes, ambient electronica, heightened Britpop aplomb, and of course, soaring, ‘bursting at the seams’ crescendos that the genre is so well known for. Far from a game-changer, there’s an unassuming almost minimalistic elegance to the band’s instrumentation that makes it a fine fit for a rainy afternoon.

西安的后摇主力琥珀,在过去的十年里一直保持着强劲的势头,如今带着在 1724 发行的新专辑《时间边界》回归。乐队低沉、缓慢铺陈的声音从未如此好听过——他们想办法用数摇的装饰性段落,氛围电子,加强的英伦摇滚魅力来改变编曲,当然还有高涨的、“间或爆发”的高潮,而这正是这一类型的音乐为人所知的。乐队的器乐演奏远没有到改变游戏规则的程度,它有一种不显眼的、几乎是极简主义的优雅,使其成为雨天下午的一个不错的选择。

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