New Music: Flip House, Stick Xiaoming Again And Again, Shave N Shut, CKTP

Flip House – Sleep Somewhere Else

Emo music that’s pure in its pursuit of a killer chorus, Shanghai’s Flip House – a ‘blend of Y2K pop-punk and Midwest emo featuring catchy chants and bleeding heart lyrics in Chinese and English’ hit it out of the park on their sophomore release Sleep Somewhere Else. Chock full of the band’s scrappy, volatile swirl of emotions, musicianship, and vigor, it toes the line between apathetic self-awareness and sincere heartbreak, charting the all-too-relatable (e)motions that come with growing up. Angst-ridden, cathartic, bittersweet and full of rhythmic aplomb Flip House might just make you nostalgic for the messy times we (thought we) left behind.

上海的Flip House——一个 ” Flip House 是 Y2K 流行朋克以及 Midwest-emo 的融合体,并附上抓耳的旋律以及中英语混合双打的戳心歌词。 “的乐队,在他们的第二张专辑《Sleep Somewhere Else》中一鸣惊人。这张专辑充满了乐队支离破碎的、不稳定的情感漩涡、音乐性和活力,它在冷漠的自我意识和真诚的心碎之间显得游刃有余,描绘了成长过程中的所有和情绪相关的举动。愤怒的、宣泄的、苦乐参半的、充满节奏感的Flip House可能会让你怀念我们抛在过去的混乱时光。

Stick Xiaoming Again And Again 反复攻击小明 – Remember To Eat But Not To Beat 记吃不记打

Out of Hangzhou, grindcore act Stick Xiaoming Again And Again 反复攻击小明 bring their turbulent sound to the masses on their first LP, released with Dying Art Productions. Blood-curling blast beats with a sledgehammering of hardcore punk rock and an offering or two of acoustic punk ballads to catch our breath, there’s no escape from the fury that the band, led by the savage titular Xiaoming (aka Xu Bingyu) pummels us with. Spitting venom with equal amounts of irony, vile, humor and ruthlessness, it’s lethal stuff, made even more pointed through the track’s rugged production, which wisely drags listeners across the concrete floor on the way to the mosh pit. Careful not to cut yourself.

来自杭州的碾核乐队反复攻击小明在Dying Art Productions发行的第一张唱片中为大众带来了他们的混乱之声。令人血脉喷张的爆炸性节奏,大锤敲击般的硬核朋克摇滚,以及一两首原声朋克民谣让我们根本喘不过气来,这支由野蛮的小明(又名许冰宇)带领的乐队所带来的愤怒冲击让我们无处可逃。他们吐出充满讽刺、卑鄙、幽默的致命毒液,在粗犷的制作中曲子变得更加尖锐,明智地将听众拖过水泥地面,走向mosh pit. 中。小心不要割伤了自己!

Chaos Kills the Pain 混乱止痛 – 狂热取代一切方式

Beijing ‘alternative hardcore’ outfit Chaos Kills The Pain, bring eclectic electric discourse to their sound, finding unexpected ways to throw listeners through the wringer of their fierce sound, shifting through the anxieties of life with aplomb and cathartic release. With elements of nu-metal, core, and electronica, it’s hardcore music that’s both a throwback and a step into new territory. And while the temperament of CKTP remains the same – rallying against social norms and finding solace within the turbidity – the band seems more and more sure-footed in their battle.

北京 “另类硬核 “乐队混乱止痛,在他们的音乐中带来了不拘一格的电子之声,找到了一种意想不到的方式把听众从他们激烈的声音中解放出来,在生活的焦虑中从容地转换和宣泄。伴随着新金属、核和电子乐的元素,这是一种既能回溯又能进入新领域的硬核音乐。虽然混乱止痛的气质保持不变,团结起来反对社会规范,在混乱中寻找慰藉,但乐队似乎在战斗中变得越来越有把握。

Shave N’ Shut – Ghosts of the Great Wall 长城亡魂

Beijing oi band Shave ‘N’ Shut dropped this little gem of an EP – Ghosts of the Great Wall – an anthem-filled release that finds the seasoned veterans of the punk scene (its members also have torn up the floor with Misandao, Life For Drinking, Gum Bleed and Unregenerate Blood) venting against all the injustices of the world – both big and small – from whorish authority figures to hipster pretentious art world types. Musicality lean, unswerving in its message, and sick of all the bullshit that the world throws at them – its punk rock meant to be sung out loud with your fists in the air.

北京的 oi 乐队Shave ‘N’ Shut发行了EP《Ghosts of the Great Wall》一张充满颂歌的专辑,这支朋克场景中经验丰富的老将(其成员也曾与Misandao、Life For Drinking、Gum Bleed和Unregenerate Blood 一起战斗过)对世界上所有不公正的事情进行了宣泄:无论大小——从猥琐的权威人物到时髦的自命不凡的艺术界人士。他们的音乐性很强,传递的信息十分坚定,对世界上所有的废话都感到厌恶——他们的朋克摇滚就是要紧握拳头大声唱出来。

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