New Music: Fazi, Muggle, Jinsfake

Ambience, beat tapes, and instrumental tapestries courtesy of Jinsfake, Muggle, and Fazi


Jinsfake – Resonance

One of the hip-hop scene best beat makers Jinsfake, part of Half A Blunt – the five member crate digging, 90s inspired underground hip-hop crew from China & Indonesia (other members include Squatting Goods, Natural Doc, Major, and Sicknessmp) – released his first full length beat tape Resonance last month full of old school vintage hip hip vibes. As Jinsfake explains – “These beats are from 2014-1017 which I use a borrowed MPC3000 as my main workstation, I’m just digging/chopping/truncating/looping..try to make some raw beat and enjoy the process, feel the different vibe through the music, maintaining in universal ghetto life, smoking trees, you know?” — I do indeed.



Muggle – White Noise

After last year’s Foldback, which was never officially released due to its heavy sampling from the 1987 TV series Dreams of Red Mansions, Muggle, out of Zhangjiajie, return with another whirlwind concept album solidifying them as one of China’s most intriguing post rock bands. Entitled White Noise, the record finds the band taking a deep dive in the world of ambient music weaving together wave-like guitar lines and atmospheric synthesizers into hynoptic compositions, it’s a mood piece that burrows its way into your brain. As the band explains – ‘when you loop through this music, there will be a destined moment. It strikes you to abandon the doctrine of “juggling your life” and make the alternative move into “downshifting”.’ Grab a crystal clear limited edition vinyl over at 1724 Records.  


Fazi法兹– Dead Sea死海

One of the indie scene’s biggest players at the moment, the wildly energetic and melodically pleasing Fazi, out of Xi’an (performing next month at Austin’s SWSX) return with their latest – Dead Sea – which finds the band taking it down a notch and delivering a atmospheric, reflective instrumental album. Zeroing in on the icy cool demeanor of their previous material while exploring (and sometimes stretching out) their musical detours with relish, this is the band in come down jam form for sure, but by no means, don’t let that deter you. For a band fresh off of two stellar full lengths LP in the past two years, it’s clear the band didn’t want to leave anything on the table musically.



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