New Music: Dolphy Kick Bebop, Hualun, Wen Dake, Wang Meng + Yu Miao

Dolphy Kick Bebop – Briefvisit

The elusive psychedelic improvisational outfit Dolphy Kick Bebop, out of Hangzhou, return with their latest journey into the abyss with Briefvisit, out on WV Sorcerer Records. There’s a mystical quality to the way the band’s music unfurls – as elements of Krautrock, free jazz, and prog rock simmer in a haze of sun-baked psychedelia – leading you down a path that’s difficult to turn back from. Sprawling and abrasive in its musicality, lucid and seductive in its aura, it engulfs and spits you out anew. (Note: full album due to release in September)

来自杭州,令人捉摸不透的迷幻即兴乐队Dolphy Kick Bebop带着他们在WV Sorcerer Productions发行的新专辑Briefvisit回归。他们在音乐上所展现出的神秘特质—泡菜摇滚,自由爵士,前卫摇滚在阳光下炙烤的迷幻中煨炖—引领你走上一条难以回头的道路。他们的音乐粗犷杂乱,营造的意境清明透彻,将你彻底吞噬。

Wang Meng 王萌 + Yu Miao 于淼 –  Both

Esteemed guzheng player Yu Miao and new media artist and sound designer Wang Meng combine their deft forces to craft the sublime and meticulously crafted LP Both, out on Merrie Records. Creating a dialogue between the acoustic sounds of the guzheng and atmospheric and textual pull of electronic music, it’s a match made in heaven that floods the senses. While a lot of the details were improvised on the spot, the trust between the two performers grounds their sound, creating a lushly organic, delicate and transcendent duet between tradition and modernity. 


Wen Dake 文大可 – 时咒

Frequently heard alongside esteemed rocker Dou Wei (most notably as apart of Mu Liang Wen Wang) musician Wen Dake makes good with his solo effort. Finding the sweet spot between post rock crescendos and ambient music, he’s crafted an album that’s serene and reflective yet full of bone-crushing breakdowns that captures our rapturous timely with anger, fear, and ultimately affability. Recorded during the pandemic in ‘limited conditions’ there’s a purity to the emotional resonance that flows through and washes over the album. An unexpected and timely whirlwind surprise from a true veteran.


Hualun – wʌndərlænd/Homework in a Quiet Time

Seminal post rock outfit Hualun continues shedding their skin with their latest (and last) EP in a series of improvisations, recorded between 2018 and 2019 in Shenzhen with the band’s two core members – Ding Mao and Zhu Mingkang. Along with the just-released compilation ‘Homework in Quiet Time’, the act has been appearing on various labels around the world, providing gorgeous tracks of atmospheric, world-building, soundscapes that burrow into your psyche. Far from the heavier post rock roots of the band, there’s a softer edge to instrumental explorations here, utilizing looping chords and buoyant synths.

这是花伦乐队发布的最新也是最后一张即兴创作专辑,于2018-19年在深圳由乐队的两位核心成员丁茂和朱康明录制。和刚刚发布的合辑《Homework in Quiet Time》一样,他们的作品出现在了世界各地的厂牌中,为你的心灵带来充满空间感、立体感的声景,与乐队较重的后摇根基不同,这里的器乐探索更柔和,运用了循环和弦和轻快的合成器。

Translated by: A-Ling/JOY/Angeldust

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