New Music: Dirty Fingers, Zhang Yang , Hyph11e

A drumming legend teams up with a wildly team of musicians, Shanghai punk rock at its finest, and abosrbing industrial club music…

Dirty Fingers 手指 – How’d I Turn So Bad 我怎么学的么坏

An assault on the senses, Shanghai punk ruffians wisely keep things fast and loose with their down and out sophomore release that’s an unholy mess of ramshackle charisma, tightly wound melodies, and a carefree yet volatile attitude. An artifact of a band in their prime without the needed assistance of slick production values or other label tricks, this is punk done right. Bandcamp

Zhang Yang Experimental Group – Zhang Yang Experimental Group

Drummer virtuoso Zhang Yang, who has drummed for the rock scene for over eighteen years for just about everyone – from Second Hand Rose to Howie Lee – breaks it down on his wildly imaginative, frenzied avant garde release as the Zhang Yang Experimental Group – where the drummer collaborates with some of the scene’s most prolific musicians including bassist Han Yang, singer Zang Yuhong, guitarist Yao Lan (of Second Hand Rose), musician Song Yuzhe (of Dawanggang), and producer Jason Hou. Each track draws from Zhang Yang’s life while also giving each musician a spotlight to mix it up leading to an album that’s full of life and vision. Madly fun stuff. Xiami

Hyph11e – Vanishing Cinema

In search for robust club music that sounds like it was created in an abandoned warehouse – give Huph11e – the young Shanghai producer and member of the Genome collective – and her brash and unflinching debut EP – Vanishing Cinema, off of SVBKVLT. A bombastic yet sparse sound that owes ‘as much to vintage noise and industrial music as it does to field recordings and contemporary club music’, it’s rave music that never indulges itself. Includes remixes from Tzusing, M.E.S.H and Kid Antoine. Bandcamp

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