New Music: Dirty Fingers, Wasted Laika, Wu Wei, Sense Print Shop

Dirty Fingers 脏手指 – 多米力高威威维利星

Shanghai punk rock stalwarts, Dirty Fingers, whose riotous volatile poise has enraptured audiences for years return with their sophomore release – pushing their sound into grand new territory whilst retaining the spark that made them so magnetic to begin with (in many ways not dissimilar to how Modest Mouse upped their game of Good New For People Who Love Bad News). A richly fluid album layered to the tee in bells and whistles, backing vocals, and exotic guitar riffs that one might hear in a derelict Balkan pub, there’s an playful quality to the way the band is able to sweep you into their vibrant, seductive world – finding order and rhythmic pull (special nod to drummer Li Zhaochi – the band’s new secret weapon) within its chaotic cock-eyed worldview – full of cryptic delusions and feverish musings on life, love, and trying to land on your feet when all the world wants to do is have you crash and burn in glorious fashion. 

上海朋克摇滚的中坚力量脏手指,多年来以其狂放不羁的姿态让观众着迷,带着他们的第二张专辑回归——将他们的声音推向了宏大的新领域,同时保留了使他们一开始就充满充满吸引力的元素(在许多方面与 Modest Mouse 的提升之作《Good New For People Who Love Bad News》并无不同)。一张充满流动性的专辑,流淌在钟声和口哨声、伴唱和异国情调的吉他旋律间,人们可能会在废弃的巴尔干酒吧里听到这样的音乐,有一种玩世不恭的气质,乐队能够将你带入他们充满活力、诱人无比的世界,在其混乱荒谬世界观中找到秩序和节奏感(特别感谢鼓手李子超——乐队新的秘密武器),充满了神秘的妄想和对生活、爱情狂热的思考,当世界想让你以辉煌的方式燃烧崩溃的时候,你要努力站定自身。

Wasted Laika 丢莱卡 – 走神的卫星

Dipping into their softer edges rather than their cutthroat theatricality, Beijing art punks Wasted Laika may throw listeners off guard on their long-awaited debut but therein lies its success. With an emotional through-line that strikes a mood that’s bare, stripped back, with a touch of bittersweet romanticism, there’s lyrical depth, with songs littered with metaphors and thought-provoking refrains, to their songs that never feels cheap or unearned. It may not have the incendiary melodic drive or notable peaks that bands of their ilk may be known for,  and even at times feels disjointed, but it’s an album that lingers and one’s whose attitude rings true and cuts deep. It’s a grower. 


Wu Wei 吴维 – Consultation After Drinking 酒后咨询面对面

Wu Wei, frontman of Wuhan-based Celtic punk legends SMZB, goes solo and finds new creative avenues to filter his punk stylings. Aesthetically it’s all over the place – swimming deep in the waters of ambient, doomsday blues, trap-filled hip-hop, dusty folk (the closest we get to vintage SMZB), and experimental music with ease as his lyrics and poetic tongue takes on a more somber reflective tone. The absence of bagpipes and anthemic punk rallies may turn diehard punks off, but there’s plenty of bite still in Wu Wei’s words –  a godfather meditatively looking back on his place in the punk scene. 

武汉的凯尔特朋克传奇人物生命之饼的主唱吴维,在单飞后找到了新的创作方式来过滤他的朋克风格。从美学上来说,他的音乐风格无处不在——在氛围、末日蓝调、充陷阱说唱、泥浆民谣(最接近早期的生命之饼)和实验音乐的领域中轻松畅游,因为他的歌词和诗意的声调呈现出更阴郁的反思语调。风笛和  punk anthem 的缺失可能会让死忠的朋克们失去兴趣,但吴维的话语中仍然不失尖锐——这是一个教父在冥想中对他在朋克场景中地位的回顾。

Sense Print Shop 涂闻打印店 – The Giant

One of the most exciting new bands to pop up on my radar this year is Kunming’s Sense Print Shop – who offer ample amounts of simmering jangly dream pop that feels like it could have emerged from the UK in the late 80s or early 90s. Sardonic and tender all at once, their debut with SJ Records rides along smoothly, keeping the mood upbeat even amongst its icy new wave sound. It’s this clear brisk aesthetic that keeps the songs from falling into dourness, and instead leads to some seriously catchy singles. They may wear their influences on their sleeves and you could make an argument their isn’t much meat on them bones, but damn is it a hell of a good time. 

昆明的涂闻打印店是我今年注意到的最令人兴奋的新乐队之一——他们提供了大量酝酿中的Jangly Dream Pop,感觉它可能来自80年代末或90年代初的英国。这是他们与生煎唱片合作的首张专辑,在冰冷的新浪潮声音中也保持着欢快的情绪,既尖锐又温柔。正是这种清晰明快的审美使歌曲不至于陷入沉闷,反而导致了一些特别上口的单曲。他们可能影响他们的元素摆在台面上,你可以说他们内在并没有多少自己的东西,但这真是太棒了。

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