New Music: Deep Mountains, LinFeng, Sick Fungo

Deep Mountains 深山 – Perforate the Horizon 刺破地平线

The pioneering black metal torchbearers from the mountainous region of Taian, Shandong, Deep Mountains are back with their newest EP entitled Perforate the Horizon. Though the past decade may have softened some of the band’s jaded cliffs, the band’s rustic and hardened heart’s still bleeding out between red hot guitar licks and gurgling screams. From the reggae-infused opener to the emotionally taxing post-rock cascades found in the title track, this is most certainly a more mature Deep Mountains, albeit one still shrouded in a fog of philosophical dread, and they’re all the better for it.





LinFeng – Follow The Moon

Shanghai raised electronic music producer Linfeng turns up the surrealness on his breezy funk-filled sound on his latest Follow The Moon. Forging a sound vintage in both texture and approach – the artist envisions ritual music for the space beyond humans, planets, and creators in a completely different light – a carefully assembled parallel universe that still retains its Leave It To Beaver ‘aw shucks’ aesthetics though jetpacks are essentially household items. Simply put, its tons of fun – an infectious retro-futuristic caper that’s cool as ice and somehow retains its daft human touch.



Sick Fungo 四线方格 – Wandering 浪游

Feverish, charming and dangerously sexy all at once – alternative rockers Sink Fungo bring their affinity for destructive noise and bombast prowess whilst kicking ass and taking names on their righteous debut Wandering yet captures ten plus years of the band. Hailing from the coastal city of Qingdao, the gloriously spastic, atmospheric and downright crunchy outfit don’t hold back, calling to mind (as some have pointed out) a grunge-infested frantically unhinged Jane’s Addiction (who never kicked the habit). Fun for the whole family.



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