New Music: DBZ, WaChi, Voision Xi, Chainhaha

DBZ, PXY 彭喜悦, Sdewdent – Students 

After swimming deep in the waters of hip-hop’s more ethereal side – one full of trip hop pulp, experimental perplexities and art pop ambition, the Nanjing raised rapper DBZ aka DaBozz returns to her roots with the help of newcomer Peng Xixue and producer Sdewdent on Students, co-released by Merrie Records and Modern Sky. Essentially re-educating herself in the language of hip-hop and reclaiming her flow with spry conviction, it’s a glorious re-introduction to one of the scene’s most original acts. Hat tip also to the insanely crisp production which wisely leans toward sampling and instruments such as the piano and conga instead of electronica to shape some truly irresistible rhythms. Welcome back DBZ.

在游历了嘻哈更空灵的一面–充满了 Trip Hop 原料、实验性的困惑和 art pop 氛围—之后,南京长大的说唱歌手 DBZ(又名 DaBozz)在新人彭喜悦和制作人 Sdewdent 的帮助下,由美丽唱片和摩登天空共同发行了《students》,回到了她最根源的地方。从本质上讲,她重新自学了嘻哈语言,并以敏锐的信念重拾她的 flow,这是对场景中最原始的行为之一,的一次光荣的重新介绍。这首歌的制作也非常精良,它明智地倾向于采样和乐器,如钢琴和 conga,而不是电子乐器,以塑造一些真正不可抗拒的节奏。DBZ,欢迎回来。

WaChi 蛙池 – Dumb Cow 哑牛

One of 2020’s most promising additions to the indie scene – WaChi – release their first EP. Potent in its lyrical depth and anthemic pull, it’s remarkable how tight and accessible the Dongguan band’s music is – carried deftly on its melodies, which flow gracefully on singer YiYi’s impassioned voice leading us through the emotional currents that sweep up each track. Striking a fine balance between its heavier rock and roll chops and its pop sensibilities that above all feels earnest in its blue collar-driven struggle and adolescent optimism, WaChi are the real deal.


Chainhaha – Chainhaha’s EPS

There’s something in the water over in Changsha cause they keep surprising with the vibrant array of acts emerging out of there. On her new EP, Chainhaha, the young independent musician seems to have tapped into an off-kilter colorful world of pop music that never quite feels like its on solid ground. There’s a scrappy lo-fi punk sensibility she embeds into her music – which effortlessly and buoyantly carousels from bubbly electronica to prickly power pop through to tender Bjork-esque beat-heavy euphoria and campus folk ballads. Irrelevant, expertly crafted, and all kinds of wonderful – something tells me we’ll be hearing a lot more from Chainhaha in the near future. 

长沙的水里一定有什么特别的东西,因为他们一直能以一系列充满活力的行为给人惊喜。在 Chainhaha 的新 EP 《Chainhaha》中,这位年轻的独立音乐人似乎已经进入了一个异乎寻常的多彩的流行音乐世界,让人感觉从未有过坚实的基础。她的音乐中蕴含着一种潦草的松散朋克感–毫不费力地、兴高采烈地从气泡电子乐到尖锐的 power pop,再到温柔的 Bjork 式的重拍兴奋和校园民谣。无关紧要的、专业的、各种美妙的–有些东西告诉我,在不久的将来,我们会听到更多来自 Chainhaha 的声音。

Voision Xi 喜辰晨 – Lost for Words – Chapter I 欲言又止 第一章

Voision Xi, the versatile Shanghai jazz songstress continues to spread her wings on her wonderfully freeing and supple new EP Lost for Words – Chapter I out on JZ Music. Utilizing her jazz background and lush voice, the artist seems to be projecting upon a bigger canvas, giving her music an almost cinematic veneer – a cross between a classic Disney musical circa the 1970s, an off-Broadway update of an 18th-century play set in an enchanted forest, and gathering of young impassioned poets on a crisp autumn afternoon. It tickles me in places I didn’t know existed and feels at once both contemporary and retro – a feat to both the imagination and talent on display.喜辰晨,这位多才多艺的上海爵士女歌手,在 JZ Music 发行的新 EP 《欲言又止 第一章》中继续展开她的翅膀,展现出精彩的自由和灵活多变。利用她的爵士乐背景和质感丰富的嗓音,这位艺术家似乎在一个更大的画布上进行创作,给歌曲披上了一层电影般的外衣,就像 70 年代的经典迪斯尼音乐剧、18 世纪非百老汇的戏剧升级版、以及年轻诗人们在一个秋高气爽的下午聚会。它在我不知道的地方搔痒,感觉既现代又复古–这是展示想象力和才华的壮举。

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