New Music: Da Bang, SNSOS, Nocturnes

Beijing in full force as we wrap up some of 2017’s late entries including debuts from post rock outfit She Never Sings Our Songs, indietronic duo Nocturnes, as well as the latest from indie rock outfit Da Bang.

She Never Sings Our Songs – She Never Sings Our Songs

Beijing outfit She Never Sings Our Songs (SNSOS) unveiled their debut self-titled LP at the end of the year and it’s a warm slice of post rock pie that’ll have genre fans clamoring for more. It’s a great display for the band’s sound – nurturing instrumental rock and roll with shades of math rock playfulness, dream pop pulp, and post rock crescendos that’s spirited, intricately assembled, and brimming with life. Guitars converse with one another, cymbals shimmer with exuberance, and a dialogue is formed between each of the members, volleying back and forth until blurring into mesmerizing blanket of sound.



Da Bang – Concept观念

Da Bang finally gets around to dropping their newest album and it’s yet again a departure for the band who seem to shed their layers each time they hit the recording studio. In many ways it’s a leap forward in terms of rhythm and production, showcasing more intricate electronic and experimental flourishes and than their previous work. Sometimes it works wonders – as in the frantic and thrusting ‘Rabbit’ or on soncially pleasing ‘Waves’. Sometimes it takes the bite out of their songs as on the remodeled single ‘TV’ or the poppy yet ultimately lackluster lead single ‘Nobody Will Live Your Life For You Except Yourself’. Conceptually I think Da Bang is on the right track, but part of me wishes they’d bring back some of their grit.



Nocturnes曳取 – Lines Written In Code

Beijing based indietronic duo Nocturnes close out a fruitful year of singles, remixes, and music videos with their debut full length – Lines Written In Code – an exploration of ‘silent heartbreak, missed opportunities, and realities that might have been’. The ten tracks contain all the features of the band’s sound – slick downbeat grooves that ripple outwards, ghostly vocals weighed down in emotion, and a keen sense of the bittersweet beauty found in anguish and sorrow. It’ll stick with you. 



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