New Music: Crater Monde, SVBKVLT, Voice of Wuhan &Changsha

Various Artists – Crater Monde #2

Crater Monde, the newly formed electronic music project headed by Chengdu musician Liang Yi – known to most as the lead in post-punk ensemble Stolen – returns with their latest exhibition of the evolving electronic scene here in China with their second compilation. From Chengdu producer Kaishandao to Hangzhou’s YUE; from seasoned Shanghai pro Gooooose to impromptu ambient maverick WWW to the ever-influential SHAO, the release is comprised of nine producers from various backgrounds with a penchant for modular synths, exploratory sounds, and top-notch production (with some mastering work done by renowned Metropolis Studios in London). Once again, the release comes packaged with a magazine that’ll explore in-depth each of the artists.

Various Artists – Cache 02

Shanghai electronic label SVBKVLT, whose roster of artists have been pushing the scene ahead of the curve for years, is back with their latest compilation showcasing the diverse and innovative sounds lighting up underground clubs across China. With fourteen tracks – ranging from chopped up footwork to bass-heavy bangers that shake you to the core – there’s a forward-thinking sensibility to the ideas on display – making for a exhilarating trip that’s kinetic, savage and defiant in their audacity. An ear-opening kaleidoscope into a new generation of producers and the ever-evolving sounds that are shaping electronic music not only here, but around the world – with satisfying additions like Indonesian’s Gabber Modus Operandi and Kenya’s SILKBACK feeling right at home.

Various Artists – Voice of Wuhan 武汉之声 VOL.8

Wuhan’s music scene continues to strive a year after the pandemic outbreak, and it has never sounded better. Already in its eighth edition, The Voice of Wuhan, is a compilation series put out by VOX (Wuhan’s premier venue and distributor) highlighting some of the city’s blooming talent. This year’s edition features world music fusion band The Weapons 声无哀乐, who blend traditional instruments with post rock and psychedelic music; the cool-hued IDM alchemy of Frankfurt Helmet; the atmospheric and vaporware-infused producer Night Swimmer; the no-holds-barrel extreme hardcore antics of Naonaosi 脑脑死, and blues rocking Bads 稗子. As always, a nice range of sounds and proof again Wuhan is going stronger than ever.

Various Artists – Voice of Changsha 长沙之声 VOL.2

A sister release with the Voice of Wuhan compilations, the Voice of Changsha does exactly what you’d expect it to – shine a spotlight on the slowly emerging rock and roll hub of Changsha (capital of central China’s Hunan province). And while the city is still very much immature compared to its neighbors (VOX Livehouse set up a shop there three years ago) there’s still a lot to unearth as evident from the compilation which features tracks from indie rock outfit Mad Eye, old school rock and rollers Motor Skirt 汽车裙, melodic indie crooners Unsolved Mysteries 未解之谜, psych-infused world-builders Zimablue 芝麻布, and techno/house rave starters Lbion. Keep em coming Changsha!

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