New Music: Coastal Surf Club, Sickboy, A.O.L

Coastal Surf Club – 最终回

Surf rock that’s not afraid of collecting a little dirt on the way to the ‘glittering shores’ at the end of a long road trip, Coastal Surf Club delivers a heck of a good time on their riotous debut LP – Final Round, out on Fluorite Records. From the chugging hard rock riff of ‘Incantation咒’ to the spry country twang of ‘Malacca马六甲’ it’s clear the Xiamen band (which features guitarist Soda of Cheesemind and Kirin Trio fame) understands the way surf rock can elevate and complement rock and roll’s most classic sounds, giving it a texture that’s gnarly, psychedelic and above all, badass.

在前往闪光海岸的旅途中,我们并不畏惧裤脚沾上沙土——Coastal Surf Club以他们的首张LP《最终回》(由Fluorite Records发行)中奉上绝赞的冲浪摇滚;从《咒》的硬摇滚riff,到《马六甲》的活泼乡村音调,显然这支厦门乐队理解冲浪摇滚如何补充经典摇滚乐的听感,赋予其粗犷、迷幻以及酷毙了的质感。

Sickboy阿操 – Sickboy阿操

The ‘Voice of Chongqing loser’, Sickboy is the latest band to give punk bands a run for their money in China and their new self-titled EP might be one of the most uproarious and infectious morsels of music to hit my ears in some time. Influenced by acts like FIDLAR, Envelopes, ANATAKIKOU, and more, it’s a free-wheeling kaleidoscope of scrappy musicality, catchy choruses, and cock-eyed attitude, crackling with chaotic energy and an acidic wit where violence and infatuation blur into one.


Ambulance of Love 爱的急救车 – 原谅我, 依然弹着吉他

Beijing punk rockers Ambulance of Love get straight to the point on their brash and surly EP, ‘Forgive Me for Still Playing the Guitar’. Whether it’s doubling down on what it means to be an asshole or an inebriated and steadfast ode to an unforgettable night, the band touches with sincere and scrappy resilience on the nostalgia at the heart of punk. They may not be rewriting the playbook, but Ambulance of Love knows and understands the genre through and through, and are all the better for it.

来自北京的朋克摇滚乐队爱的急救车,在他们直接而又带着点刻薄气质的新EP《原谅我 依然弹着吉他》显得相当直截了当。不管是加倍歌颂做个混蛋的趣味,还是对那些难忘宿醉的颂歌,乐队都以一种真诚和粗犷的韧性呈现了朋克音乐的怀旧之心。虽然他们没有重写规则,但爱的急救车对这一流派的理解是如此深入骨髓,正因如此,他们表现得如此出色。

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