New Music: Chengdu 2020, Wuhan Vibrations, Jyugam, Love Bang

Various Artists – Chengdu2020 成都2020

Chengdu 2020 is the latest compilation released by Rye Music, in conjunction with the long-standing venue and incubator Little Bar. Showcasing the berth of new life in the music scene in the city – the release saw some of Chengdu’s finest musicians (including representatives of Soundtoy, Stolen, Mosaic, and Hiperson) to help curate and produce the works of the twelve acts. Both a testament to the city’s inheritance of rich and robust musical acts, as well as its evolution, the compilation taps in everything from soothing synth pop to jangly indie rock and back again, with everything from punk and folk getting its due. Standouts include female-fronted indie rockers Sleep Leap, the scrappy combustible punk outfit Party Spy, and the always welcomed math rock instrumentalists Fayzz — but really the whole thing is worth a spin.

Various Artists – Wuhan Vibration 武汉振动

While Wuhan has been championed here In China as the punk capital, its roots go deeper and if one digs in a little deeper, they’ll find a labyrinth of artists and bands off all different colors. The legendary Wuhan Prison Records gives respect to the city’s rich diversity with their first-ever compilation – Wuhan Vibration – which showcases thirteen bands over twenty-six songs inspired by the recent pandemic in one way or another, each bringing their distinctive voice. Punk, hard rock, electronica, reggae, metal, folk rock, garage, experimental music – that’s just an inkling of what’s in store in the jam-packed release which features Sky King Jack, ENS, Takoyoki, The One, Tarantism and many more.

Various Artists – Stomach Dance Vol . 1

Offbeat electronic sounds spilling out of the Canton region with the emergence of new label Jyugam, founded by experimental electronic musicians mafmadmaf and Yu Hein. Based out of Guangzhou, the ‘music publishing boutique dedicated to discovering the sound of individuals to respond to the moment we live,’ dropped their new release last month, including a killer compilation of Canton electronic musicians each looking ‘to generate an imaginative dance floor, and to enchant your parasympathetic nerves with unorthodox rhythm’. Featuring acts like Yu Hein, FKY, CDX, Damao, Fellah Co, and mafmadmaf, it’s perfect for those looking to inject a little more IDM (or braindance to some) into their lives. Excited to see more releases from Jyugam down the line.

Various Artists – Love Bang 001: Delivery 外卖外卖

With a decade of riotous parties under their belt ‘swimming in the cartoon dimension and creating chaos’, Shanghai promoters and party collective Love Bang celebrate in style with their first-ever release – Delivery – a glorious high-hued dizzying concoction of ‘footwork, bass, club trax, and delivery anthems’ cooked up by the elastic multi-national trailblazers and established members of Shanghai electronic music scene including Heatwolves, Swimful, Graphic Violence, Ceezy, Gouachi, Vorbi, and MMQ. As per usual with the Love Bang folks – there’s an animated allure to the brazen, ornamental world they’ve created – defiant in its bubbly charm.

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