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Cheesemind – Say Good Bye Enterprise 告别事务所

Formed around the idea that ‘when you look back on life, you’ll realize that every little thing that ever happens in life comes with moments of goodbyes,’ indie pop trio Cheesemind (which consists of established indie stalwarts Ruibi Qin, Soda, and newly anointed percussionist Zee) craft melodies buoyant with bittersweet sentiment and brisk earnestness. Imbued with the coastal vibes of their home city of Xiamen, the band weaves harmonies drenched with dream pop finesse, surf rock elasticity, and a keen pop sensibility that’s direct and accessible.


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Cut Frenzy – Make Me Sick

Harbin’s Cut Frenzy, a multi-national ragtag trio of old school ravenous rockers who deliver loud, abrasive and unruly punk tunes to any takers, return with the aptly-timed, hilariously cathartic EP Make Me Sick, which throws the current pandemic and all its repercussions through the wringer. The DIY home production only adds to the three tracks’ rugged charm, as the band paces wildly in their quarantine living room, reflecting on the exasperation of our current lives with anger, humor, and pedal to the metal musicality. 

哈尔滨的Cut Frenzy,一个多民族的草根传统摇滚三人乐队,创造着炸裂,环绕和狂野的朋克音乐给受众,带来这张正当时且热闹宣泄的EP《Make Me Sick/令我作呕》,指向了当前的新冠流行疫情及其所制造的直接原因或间接的影响。这张家庭DIY的制作中只收录了三首具有粗旷魅力的曲目,是乐队在隔离时光中来回踱步时的真实生活写照,通过愤怒、幽默的表达和附和的金属节奏来映射对此生活现状的不满。

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Various Artists – The Sound of Walking: Hexi Corridor 行走的声音·河西走廊

An ongoing project that aims to preserve and highlight the endangered folk music on the fringes of China, The Sound of Walking’s first outing, entitled Hexi Corridor, creatively puts the focus on the music of the Gansu province in the Northwest of China. ‘Made up of ethnic minority folk songs, regional natural sounds, non-heritage folk music, local operas, and other audio related to local culture and arts…(it) provides a panoramic, immersive experience’ over an array of artists and musicians – with both a contemporary approach to production and a respect for the mediums and carriers of the culture. World music that equally entertains and educates. 


HUAN HUAN – One Big Bug 

Shanghai-based music producer HUAN HUAN (aka Diamond Lil) fuels the dancefloor with her energetic and propulsive release One Big Bug, out on Ran Music’s sub-label Ran Groove. Influenced by the inextinguishable grooves found deep within electro, industrial and techno music, the veteran club shaker refines her touch on the four-track release (including a remix for Beijing’s Fishdoll), effortlessly weaving in and out of cavernous, transfixing soundscapes that titillate the ears and keep those limbs moving with deft precision and a keen eye for sound design. 

上海音乐制作人HUAN HUAN (aka Diamond Lil), 在Ran Music的舞曲子厂牌Ran Groove旗下发行了首张EP《One Big Bug》,凭借充满活力和感染力的音乐作品燃烧舞池。受根深蒂固的电子音乐、工业音乐和电子音乐的影响,这位资深的俱乐部活跃分子在收录的四首作品(一首来自好友北京的Fishdoll的混音作品)中寻求精益求精,在不同的音乐风格间游刃有余,令人着迷的深邃氛围和充满画面感的律动挑逗着舞池中各类听觉,肢体不由自主地舞动,眼中闪烁着期待。

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