New Music: Boss Cuts, LiGe, TTechmak, Broken Shaft

Boss Cuts – Psycho Nite A-Go-Go!.

Riding a wave of toxic mayhem through the streets of Beijing, surf rockers Boss Cuts return with their latest slice of guitar slide swimming, reverb-drenched, beat drumming insanity on Psycho Nite A-Go-Go!. Featuring some of the capital’s most steadfast musicians, the four tracks journey from deviant garage punk to Ennio Morricone-tributing psych rock without ever losing track of coastline and its unflappable spirit.

Lige – Temporary Polymerization 

Up and coming Wuhan-based electronic producer Lige joins the steadily growing members of the city’s budding left-field electronic music scene with a new release ‘Temporary Polymerization’ under self. Experimental in its structure, yet embedded with a cool-hued IDM ambience, it seems to take the rigid nature of the latter and throw it into a stream of lucidness, allowing the music to ripple outwards organically, subtly surprising you on the way.

TTechmak – Synthetic Steps 机械步伐

Electro jazz catnip for the ears, trumpet maestro and producer Toby Man aka TTechmak returns with his latest volume of his electronic-meets-jazz project – Synthetic Steps – a collection of bubbly, funk-filled, electronically lush contemporary jazz that’s magnetic in its arrangements and dizzying in its kinetic pull. Featuring a murder’s row of jazz musicians (including guitarist Lawrence Ku and saxophonist Alec Haavik among others), it showcases how electronica and jazz can complement each other.

Broken Shaft  断轴 – Live Like This

Lanzhou hardcore band Broken Shaft bring pure unadulterated hardcore punk to northwest China with their old school and righteous debut Live Like This. Inspired by American hardcore music and a rebuttal to their place in society and the world that surrounds them, it’s a no-holds-barrel rallying call to folks out there to charge headfirst, torch in hand, into whatever obstacles come your way. Crisp production, gut-reeling vocals, pummeling drums, and metal-laced guitar riffs – what more could you ask for.

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