New Music: Boiled Hippo, West By West, Nein or Gas Mus, Nathan Borofka

Boiled Hippo – Boiled Hippo

Neo-psychedelia finds a groovy new home in Beijing’s Boiled Hippo – the four-piece outfit whose cosmic yet laid back aura is irresistible on their debut, out on SpaceFruity Records. Full of erotic riffs, offbeat guitar rhythms and some surprisingly beautiful intonation from frontman Abing – it’s a sun-soaked tonic that’s downright sensual in its head-spinning grooves and rich psychedelic shimmer. A kaleidoscopic journey that wears its heart on its sleeve and puts out some great vibes. 

北京乐队煮河为新迷幻提供了一个极具律动感的新归宿。这个四人组散发出充满太空感的舒适散漫,在SpaceFruity Recordsd的第一次全长发行就势不可挡。充满了性感的乐段、不寻常的吉他节奏和主唱阿炳令人惊叹的美丽语调。这像是一种被阳光浸润过的强音浸润在头晕目眩的律动和丰富的迷幻之中。这趟千变万化的聆听之旅已经敞开了心扉,发出美妙的共鸣声

West By West 西偏西 – West By West 西偏西

Xi’an singer-songwriter and producer Wang XiXi, who operates under the name West By West, mesmerizes on her self-titled debut, out on Merrie Records. While the aesthetics of West By West’s music may be inherently digital, displaying a deft sense of rhythmic control and impeccable production, the emotions are vividly organic, rising and falling across the often treacherous musical terrain. Steeped in a moody haze of smouldering desire, fleeting moments, and hushed sorrow, there’s a haunting beauty to the emotional entanglements that crystallize across the album, leaving one with the sensation of punch-drunk love. Seductive in its pull, its spell lingers long afterwards. 

西安歌手兼制作人王希希,在美丽唱片以West By West的名字出版了自己的第一张发行。她音乐中表现出的美学可能天生就是数字化的,展现出的是愚钝的节奏控制感和完美的制作。但其中的情感是生动有机的,在变幻莫测的音乐中上下起伏。贯穿整张专辑的情感纠缠,在郁积的欲望、转瞬即逝的时刻和压抑的悲伤的忧郁中,有一种萦绕心头的美,留下一种被打得烂醉如泥的爱的感觉。这张专辑吸引力十足,即使在很久之后,它的魅力依然存在。

Nein or Gas Mus 無高潮 – Failover Fails, Over

Guangzhou math rock outfit Nein or Gas Mus bring their sharp and bombastic sound to a soothing simmer on their second EP, released with Qiii Snacks Records. While the playful chords and time signatures remain as buoyant and beguiling as before, the band is aiming for something more cerebral here, leaning into its soft-spoken emo-tinted melodies and lyrics more prominently, allowing for the emotions to gradually build and the tracks to wiggle their way into your heart.


Nathan Borofka – Centipede, Centipede

Folk singer-songwriter Nathan Borofka, a prolific character in various music circles in Beijing, heads back to his roots with Centipede, Centipede, one of two LPs released this summer. A starry-eyed lo-fi love letter to all the prickly emotions that come with life, it finds at the artist at his most wide-eyed and all the better for it. Tender, vulnerable, robust, with more than a hint of mischievousness, his voice remains one of the purest and most earnest out there and these (quarantine) releases are guaranteed to crack a smile on your face. 

民谣歌手兼词曲作者Nathan Borofka是涉猎京城不同音乐圈的一位多产人物,他的专辑《Centipede, Centipede》是今年夏天发行的两张唱片之一,引领他回述到本源。这是一封充满幻想的低保真情书,写给生活中所有棘手的情感,艺术家尝试去探寻它。温柔,脆弱,强壮,带着一丝调皮,他的声音仍然是最纯洁和最真诚的,经历过隔离后的释放保证让你的脸上绽放笑容。

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