New Music: Banana Peel, Yinmachi, AIRSFX

Banana Peel 香蕉皮 – 没有无辜者

Hailing from Guilin, Banana Peel has been kept the flame of punk alit in the south of China since forming in 2002. The allstar band, which featured members of SMZB, Fanzui Xiangfa, Underdog and more, are back at it with a new LP. Staying true to their roots the band is a humid smorgasbord of punk in all its glory – with a collection of songs that hit upon ska, rockabilly, Southern blues, surf rock and reggae, all with reverence and old school gusto. Unassuming, yet packed to the gills with one punk rock anthem after another, it’s proof there is still plenty of heart left in the genre, and plenty of fight left in the scene’s seasoned veterans. 

来自桂林的香蕉皮自2002年成立以来,一直在中国南方保持着朋克的火焰。这支由生命之饼、犯罪想法、Underdog 等成员组成的全明星乐队,带着一张新的唱片回到了这里。忠于他们的根源,乐队仿佛一个潮湿的朋克大杂烩,集结了所有的荣耀,歌曲中包含了ska、rockabilly、南方蓝调、冲浪摇滚和雷鬼,那些所有的敬畏和老派的热情。这张唱片并不显眼,但却装满了一首又一首的朋克歌曲,这证明了这一类型仍抱有活力,而这些现场经验丰富的老手们仍有强大的战斗力。

Yinmachi 饮马池 – 饮马池

It’s not often you see a band pivot some significantly from one genre to another, but that’s precisely the case with Suzhou’s Yinmachi. Formerly Broken Knee, the band has shed all remnants of their ska rock days, instead, diving headfirst into the high-wire crackle and the post punk world, injecting their sound with kinetic magnetism, chugging guitars, and infectious zeal. Slick, robust, and with a rhythmic pull that’s downright propulsive, there is a lot of fun to be here – from its macabre surf rock detours (the closest thing to Broken Knee) to its monotone coldwave lyricism – pointing to the band’s deep bag of tricks. 

你很少看到一个乐队从一种风格到另一种风格的重大转变,但这正是苏州乐队饮马池的情况。前身是 Broken Knee,现在的乐队已经摆脱了 Ska 摇滚时期的所有残余,相反,他们一头扎进了高能爆裂的后朋世界,他们在声音中注入了动感的磁性、颤动的吉他和感染力十足的热情。顺滑的,强劲的,节奏十足的推进,其中富有有很多乐趣:从他们可怕的冲浪摇滚之中迂回(最接近于 Broken Knee 的形态)到它单调的冷潮抒情,都表面乐队具有深厚的技巧。

AIRSFX – 复制这样时代

Feverishly pogoing from jagged new wave to pummeling 80s street punk with the swashbuckling energy of a band with nothing to lose, AIRSFX out of Nantong bring scrappy hooliganism and beer-soaked charisma to their self-released debut EP 复制这样时代. A fine showcase for the band’s leave no prisoners rock and roll built on recklessness, indulgence, and mania it’s a jittery, twisted and devilishly decadent meal that leaves you wanting more. Yet through all its gleeful mayhem, the band is tight as ever – convicted in their path and the power of rock and roll. 

来自南通的 AIRSFX 在他们自己发行的首张 EP《复制这样的时代》中展现了从参差的新浪潮到猛烈的 80 年代街头朋克的狂热能量,仿佛浸入了好斗的流氓行为和啤酒的魅力中。这张专辑展示了乐队在鲁莽、放纵和狂热基础上的,不留余地的摇滚乐,它是一份紧张、扭曲和魔鬼般的颓废的大餐,给你更多启发。然而,在所有的欢快的混乱中,乐队仍然像以往一样紧密相连,坚信着他们的道路和摇滚乐的力量。

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