New Music: Baihu, Lows0n, Gooooose

Gooooose – Rusted Silicon 

Shanghai electronic chameleon Gooooose returns with his latest exploration into the audial bond between humans and computers on Rusted Silicon – a heady, sinuous, glitch-filled deep dive into IDM soundscapes. Thematically centered around the conception of unnecessarily humanizing computer music, thus corroding inorganic forms for what they are (hence rusted silicon), the producer, known also for his role in electro rock outfit Duck Fight Goose, brings both feverish rigor and restrained layering to the seven-track LP, blending in hefty doses of dizzying breakneck beats and jungle alongside more atmospheric jazz fusion and quixotic ambiance. Features remixes from old Shanghai hand Nahash, UK techno wielder Sam Kerridge, and pioneering Iranian producer Sote. 



Lows0n – 低鹅子还在长高

The young Xiamen rapper lows0n has been making waves in the hip-hop scene over the past year, garnering praise for her distinctively odd and high-energy persona, perfectly encapsulating a generation of kids raised on video-games, irony and Red Bull, and she hits it out of the park on her bubbly debut. Quirky, kitschy, self-aware, there’s something wonderfully deviant about the rapper’s sound palette, which isn’t afraid to dip into sentimental vaporwave ballads, goofy low-brow KTV-stylized jams, auto-tuned simmering bangers, and high-charged hyper dense raps bars that touch on everything from societal ignorance, to the perks of being biased, and finding the indigo child within you. lows0n has created a world unto itself, one where she reigns supreme. 



Baihu 白虎 – 光阴

A delicate swirl of psychedelic melancholy and teasing grooves that’s wistful and sonically alluring, Baihu wraps up listens in a world rich in philosophical seduction and a hallucinatory naturalism on their debut LP. Led by former Gate of Otherside singer Sun Heting and rounded out by a cast of veteran indie rockers, their debut is a rustic sun-dried sprawling daydream that owes as much to contemporary psychedelia like Moon Duo as it does to Neil Young and the cosmic cowboy dreamers of the 70s. Embedded with both sublime ease and ethereal abstraction, disjunctive song structures, and exotic instrumentation, there’s an alchemy at work here that lingers long after the dust has settled making Baihu’s work well worth visiting. 


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