New Music: Backspace, Weirdo Room, Nine Treasures

Backspace 退格 – Ants Corrupt Elephant 群蚁蚀象

Beijing’s Backspace engrosses on their sophomore release which takes the band’s paranoid-laced psych rock and turns it outwards, binding us together through our most primal feelings. Cultivating the beauty within the chaos and embedded with an all-embracing empathy of the actions of both the humans and creatures that roam our planet – the unassuming six-eyed dragonfly, the patient desert lizard, the droning ants, the frenzied rabbit – the band strikes a chord that’s playful, invigorating, and filled with both wonder, urgency, and sly dissonance. A cacophony of sounds bombards the senses and needle their way into our brain tissue as tropical birds call across the trees, dogs furiously bark in the background, synths buoyantly led us from one verse to another, and the swirl of guitars and drums throw listeners into a trance. It’s the equivalent of dancing around a bonfire in the embrace of a humid, moon-lit jungle, high on the shared communal experience of music. 


Weirdo Room 怪人房间 – 1°C

Xi’an post rock outfit continues to evolve on their newest environmentally-themed EP 1°C – which finds the band stretching their arms musically, integrating not only math rock aesthetics but also vocals into the mix. Emotive and grandiose might be the best way to describe the mood they’re aiming for here – kicking things off with the apocalyptic and urgent ‘焚林竭泽’ in the vein of bands such as We Lost The Sea, followed by the delicately woven and slow-burning ‘废墟之马’ and finally closing out with the ethereal and cathartic sung melodies of ‘可爱的一朵玫瑰花’. The band is able to converge a wide range of emotions and temperaments throughout its fifteen minutes runtime – no small feat. 

西安后摇乐队怪人房间在他们最新的环保主题EP《1°C》中继续进化。这张EP发现乐队在音乐上延伸,不仅融入了数学摇滚的美学,还将人声融入其中。情绪化和宏大可能是描述他们在这里所追求的情绪的最好方式——以末世紧迫感的《焚林竭泽》拉开了序幕,有些类似We Lost The Sea等乐队的风格,随后是精致编曲和慢炖的《废墟之马》,最后以《可爱的一朵玫瑰花》空灵和宣泄情感的歌唱旋律结束。乐队能够在15分钟的时间里融合广泛的情感和气质–这可不是容易的事。

Nine Treasures 九宝 – Awakening from Dukkha

Inner Mongolian folk metal outfit Nine Treasures, a band that has come to define and represent the genre, take in the vast of their decade long career (and the three LPs released within) and with Awakening from Dukkha, look to both reintroduce audiences to their trail-blazing sound as well recast and illuminate their catalogue in a new light as they look forward to the next chapter. Re-recorded and remastered in the lead singer’s home of Hohhot, the release takes everything that made the band such a crowd favorite in the first place – the hoarse deep in the bones growl of singer Askhan, the ferocious mix of traditional instruments shredding alongside razor-sharp guitars and pummeling drums, and sprawling, galloping melodies sung in the band’s Mongolian language – and refines, polishes, and amplifies it. Recalling everyone from Metallica to Korpiklaani, whilst forging its own trail through the grasslands, Nine Treasures are one of the metal scene’s most essential acts, and in Awakening from Dukkha lies the proof. 

内蒙古民谣金属乐队 “九宝 “是一支定义并代表了这一风格的乐队,他们将十年的职业生涯(以及其中发行的三张LP)进行了广泛的总结,并通过《Awakening from Dukkha》,期待着让听众重新认识他们开创性的声音,并以一种新的方式重塑和照亮他们的历史发行,期待着下一个篇章的到来。这张专辑在主唱的家乡呼和浩特重新录制和灌制,将乐队最初深受观众喜爱的部分–主唱Askhan嘶哑的深入骨髓的咆哮,传统乐器与锋利的吉他和猛烈的鼓的凶猛混合,以及用乐队的蒙古语演唱的舒展、奔放的旋律–进行了提炼、打磨和放大。从Metallica到Korpiklaani,九宝是金属界最重要的乐队之一,在《Awakening from Dukkha》中,他们证明了这一点。

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