New Music: Autumn Rush, Earsnail, Sadkids Club, Ugly Girls

Autumn Rush 秋日疾走 – Typhoon Night 台风夜

The young, wiry and messily sincere emo rock outfit Autumn Rush, are in fine form on their new EP Typhoon Night, out on Kyoto-based Sango Records. Scrappily digging into their rough-and-tumble youthful vitality with reckless glee, the four-piece have grown up quite a bit since bursting onto the scene last year, finding jangly pleasures in the jumble and dissonance the genre adheres to, willfully jumping from one chord progression to another with the absent-minded deviance of something with their whole lives ahead of them. Resilient in its starry-eyed melodic drive, it’s alive through and through, warts (ache) and all. 


Earsnail 耳蜗 – Journey 释游

Earsnail, the electronic duo consisting of Wang Xu (of white+) and Yan Shuai (of Da Bang) return with their hypnotic new LP Journey. A textually dense and exotic concoction – the duo seems to relish in the psychedelic undertones found within ambient, IDM and techno music, giving their tracks a free-wheeling living breathing quality. It’s this exploratory nature that gives their sonic world its edge – more interested in taking the scenic route, or better yet, that back alleyway detour to the good stuff, finding the cerebral connective tissue between their various electronic palettes. 

耳蜗,这个由王旭(white+)和闫帅(Da Bang)组成的电子二人组带着他们催眠般的新唱片《释游》回来了。这对二人组似乎对氛围、IDM 和 Techno 音乐中的迷幻色彩津津乐道,这使得专辑中的曲子有了一种自由伸展、生命力十足的品质。正是这种探索性赋予了他们的声音世界以优势:对游览风景名胜更感兴趣,或者更棒的是,在蜿蜒小道中发现风景,正如他们在各种电子调色板之间找到大脑结缔组织一般。

Sadkids Club – Destroy Myself 100 Times

A post-breakup confessional KTV meltdown, Sadkids Club wallows in the pain and bittersweet agony that comes with love and heartbreak on the tongue-in-cheek yet genuinely sincere LP Destroy Myself 100 Times, out on Qiii Snacks Records. Taking the glossy synth-pop aesthetics of The Weeknd and other mainstream pop acts and downgrading it into an introverted lo-fi bedroom project, there’s something both surreal and endearing about the soul-bearing, broken-English crooning, and DIY-assembled world Sadkids Club has created – a neon-blitzed twisted fantasy orchestrated by unchecked emotions. ‘Like a cheap meme that has been circulated more than 20 times,’ you won’t know whether to hate it or love it.

Sadkids Club 沉浸在爱情和心碎那苦乐参半的煎熬中,讽刺而又真诚地在琪琪唱片发行了《Destroy Myself 100 Times》,一张分手后自诉式的 KTV 歌曲,。把 The Weeknd 和其他主流流行音乐光鲜亮丽的合成器流行美学,降格为一个内向的、低保真的卧室计划,Sadkids Club 创造了一个既超现实又令人喜爱的、充满灵魂的、蹩脚的英语歌声和 DIY 组装的世界——一个由不受控制的情绪组成的霓虹灯闪烁的扭曲幻想。就像一个被传阅了20多次的廉价备忘录,你不会知道是该恨它还是爱它。

Ugly Girls – You’re Bringing Me Down

Shanghai riot grrrl outfit Ugly Girls may be defunct, but that hasn’t stopped the gnarly, goofy, and barded-wire foursome from getting new music out there. Containing the last remnants of the supernova that was the band, You’re Bringing Me Down, Man follows up on the band’s spirited, enraged and irrelevant takedowns of society in all its toxicity, firing in all direction with and finding perverse giddiness in its militant punk rage, finding existential angst and aloofness within its fury. Deviantly good stuff. 

上海 Riot grrrl乐队Ugly Girls可能已经解散了,但这并没有阻止这个粗野的、愚蠢的、裹着铁丝的四人组向外推出新的音乐。You’re Bringing Me Down包含了这个乐队超新星(爆炸后)的最后一点残余,延续了该乐队的热情、愤怒而无关紧要地抨击所有的社会毒瘤,(她们)向四面八方开火,在朋克激进的怒火中获得反常的眩晕感,在愤怒中找到存在的焦虑和冷漠。非常棒的专辑。

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