New Friend: BeeHype


New friends from aboard – and by aboard I mean all over the friggin globe – that\’s the jist of Bee Hype, the online global network of music that has collected music bloggers, DJs, and just about everyone to share the music they love. Here\’s their log line:

\’We’re music writers, DJ’s and fans from around the world.

We collect what’s best on our local scenes to present it to the global audience.

If you would like to be a bee, let us know.\’

The site just went up last week and it is a treasure chest of new music from just about every corner of the globe. I was even invited to throw in my two cents leading to Second Hand Rose, Residence A, P.K. 14, Lantern Festival, and Hanggai making the cut (there\’s a listening committee, thus, not all of my favorites made it) . Dig in cause once you jump down this rabbit hole there\’s no turning back. Seriously, I spent a whole day globe-trotting – frankly, South America is killing it.  Check it out.

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