Neighboring Tunes: Lifafa (India)

Suryakant Sawhney had a big year in 2019. The frontman of the New Delhi breakout success, the waltzy disco indie troupe Peter Cat Recording Co., delivered their resounding Bismillah LP last year, culminating in a European tour and a newfound affection for their starry sound. A taste of that here:

Suryakant Sawhney度过了一个重要的2019年。作为在新德里取得突破性成功的代表,华尔兹迪斯科独立厂牌彼得猫唱片去年发布了令人瞩目的LP大碟《Bismillah》,在之后的欧洲巡演中大获成功,人们如获至宝般爱上他们的闪耀之声。在此重现。

Sawhney not only knocked it out of the park with his band but also wowed critics with his solo electronic project under the moniker Lifafa. Some of you may recall Lifafa came through Beijing back in 2015, with the help of pangbianr, strutting his eclectic taste and skillset at Dada, DDC, and even a highway underpass with the Zoomin’ Night crew. 


But 2019’s ”Jaago जागो’ is a different beast altogether. A lucid day-dream that dances between Bollywood aplomb, funk-filled neo soul, sensual synth-driven disco, and the singer’s signature haunting baritone voice (the Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin comparisons are apt but I feel the artist owes as much to the reflective metamorphism of folks like Kayne West and Bon Iver) it’s a musical landscape full of carnivalesque wonders. A tapestry of lush samples, interweaving melodies, propulsive ear-melting beats, and classy charm – crafting a contemporary sound that feels like a breath of fresh air indeed. 


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