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A couple years back I managed to sneak a peek at Thailand’s budding music scene. One of the bands I was most impressed with was Plasui Plasui, a dream pop band from Maha Sarakham in the northeast of Thailand, whose set was decked out with the lo-fi 80s aesthetics of Cantopop and slowcore–delivering a mesmerizing set of leisurely paced and intricately assembled pop songs chock full of guitar noodling, drowned out vocals and cheeky synths tones. 

来自泰国东北部玛哈沙拉堪府的梦幻流行乐队Plasui Plasui也给我留下了同样深刻的印象。他们在迎合80年代的低保真流行音乐和慢核音乐的审美风格上加倍努力,创作了一系列令人着迷的拥有慵懒节奏和混合元素的流行歌曲,充斥着信手弹奏的吉他,虚无缥缈的人声和随意任性的合成。

I was often reminded of the wave of dream pop bands emerging from the Xiamen area of China (supposedly bands like Sunset Rollercoaster from Taiwan are big business in Southeast Asia). Tranquil stuff. 


Since then, the band has garnered quite a bit of attention in their home country with their 2019 self-titled debut LP receiving accolades from just about everywhere including Taiwan’s ‘耳機裡的新秩序’ were it was named one of the best albums of the year. 


Full album on Spotify/iTunes

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