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White Elephant 白象 – Fly in the Midnight 午夜飞行

Nanjing outfit White Elephant, founded by Ka Liening and Li Wen (both key members of the now defunct avant garde outfit 8 Eye Spy), bring their unconventional storytelling to life on the music video for ’Fly in the Midnight’. A hybrid of spoken word beatnik poetry infused with black humor and pointed surrealism, the video pairs perfectly with the track, unfolding like a fever dream noir set in the back streets of the city.


Code-A – Dr. Fine 

Two individuals go through the motions of urban life, cross-cutting their meaningless routines in a haze of defeat, in constant search of a cure — one that comes ambiguously in the form of ‘Dr. Fine’. Or more appropriately in finding your self in the others around you. Shot in Chengdu and featuring the indie electronic duo, the bubbly single keeps its story clouded and engaging despite the low stakes. 两个人的虚无日常交织上演,在“城市综合症”中寻找一个意义模糊的“Dr.Fine”,或者更确切地说,在人群中寻找自我。独立电子二人组Code-A的新mv在成都取景,他们也亲自参与制作了这个云雾笼罩中的小成本故事片。

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