MV Weekly|Endless White, Slot Canyons

Endless White 白百- Best Wishes 致亲爱的

Xi’an shoegaze favorites Endless White stuff their latest music  video, for the dreamy and intoxicating ‘Best Wishes’, with motifs and metaphors aplenty, telling the story of a lost soul breaking free of their past pains and troubles, and blowing out the candles to an uncertain future. But really, this is a beautifully put together video – simple in its ideas and themes, yet lush in its images. Best wishes Endless White.


Slot Canyons – This Is Our Spot

With the remnants of Wuhan’s three-month long lockdown and struggle with the pandemic still lingering, Wuhan-based ambient artist Slot Canyons finds solace in his home in the music video for ‘This Is Our Spot’. The single,  part of the latest release from Field Ring Records, is “a reflection of the winter moods in their respective environments” and takes inspiration from the East Lake of Wuhan City. This is ambient music that sucks you in, throwing you ‘into the deep end of consciousness’.

随着武汉长达三个月的封锁逐渐放开,常态化防疫的余波长期相伴,武汉的氛围电子乐队Slot Canyons在《这是我们的地盘》这支作品的音乐录影中找到了家的慰藉。这首单曲来自最新发布的专辑《Field Ring Split 1》, 是对不同环境中冬天情绪的投影,灵感来自于武汉的地标东湖。音乐营造的氛围吸引着你,将你抛入意识的深流之中。

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