MV Weekly: Zoogazer, Kirin trio

Zoogazer 动物园钉子户 – Hiding in your Room  藏在你的房间

Jiangsu’s Zoogazer, the indie pop favorites have been wrapping audiences around their finger since their 2018 debut. Last year, they put out their sophomore release – taking their jangly reverb-filled sound and rounding it out with sun-soaked city pop melodies that float effortlessly on beachside charisma and synth-powered jubilation. The music video for their single ‘Hiding in your Room’ dropped last week – cleverly shot completely in a single room, albeit one decked out in tropical foliage and warm-hued lights.

Kirin Trio 麒麟三重奏 – The Rentention of Summer 百萬夏日

Fellow labelmates – Xiamen indie outfit Kirin Trio who just released their new LP Dreams Come True with SJ Records a couple of months back – are back with a new music video. Capturing the slow pace of Xiamen living, the band, headed by vocalist Zhuang Ying and guitarist Chen Zhenchao, bring a scrappy guitar-driven sound to the Cantopop-inspired melodies, not afraid to lay into the reverb or skin of its drums.

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