MV Weekly: Yuliao, Dummy Toys

Plastic 塑料 – Sadniess is a Universal Emotion 悲伤只是一种普遍的情绪

Consisting of profiles of some of the brave souls floating adrift in the East and the West as captured in the documentaries of filmmaker David Zhang, Plastic’s track and music video for ‘Sadness is a Universal Emotion’ hits deep in the gut. Read up on the song’s backstory here


Dummy Toys – street punk girls

The coastal city of Qinghao, where infamous punk bar DMC now resides, has slowly been building a robust punk scene that doesn’t hold back any punches. One of the bands that have made a name for themselves in the city for years is the all-female punk group Dummy Toys whose single ‘street punk girls’ comes to life within the walls of the nice DMC bar. It’s all kinds of awesome. 

女孩不代表只能做可爱,性感的音乐或舞蹈。我们一样可以做更快更冲的音乐,说想说的话。当然,这些话也送给男孩,没有任何人可以把你和我代表,我们只属于自己. (摘自乐队专辑介绍)As a bonus here’s another music video for Dummy Toy’s ‘Lazy Bones’ — another single off their just release LP ‘Not A Puppet’.

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