MV Weekly: Yu Su, ROMO

Yu Su – Melaleuca

Kaifeng-born, Vancouver-based musician Yu Su, fresh off her dizzyingly good LP Yellow River Blue earlier this year returns with the bouncy, psychedelic MV for her single ‘Melaleuca”, directed and animated by Jordan Minkoff. A feverish mix of digital and handmade animation techniques, it’s a vibrant, chaotically beautiful piece of work – telling the story of two planes falling in love at first sight and the passengers onboard to must bend to their infatuation – one that brings to mind 90s-era Nickelodeon cartoons, albeit ones that may have ingested a little something on the way over.

ROMO 如梦 – Moonrise 月升

Compiled from the ‘architectural adventures’ of singer Xiao Yu and his friend in Wuhan, the music video for ROMO’s track ‘Moonrise’ captures the voyeuristic pleasures of exploring abandoned buildings in grainy, dimly lit black-and-white video – as we follow the trespassers around as they look to unearth the secrets left behind, attempting to paint a fuller picture of the former lives that resided there.

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