MV Weekly: Yu Su, Alpine Decline

Yu Su – Xiu

Kaifeng-born, Vancouver-based musician Yu Su dropped her debut album, Yellow River Blue earlier this week with the newly established bié Records (essentially VICE’s new China endeavour). A musical road trip in a sense, pieced together over different continents from the summer of 2019 to the spring of 2020, the album is rhythmically lush and atmospherically rich in its influences and flourishes as indicated by the music video for her single ‘Xiu’ whose buoyant and playful images (and merry-go-round setting) match the track’s elastic charm.

Alpine Decline – Inside My Head

Hot off the new release from the now-California based psych pop outfit Alpine Decline, For The Betterment of Well People (out on Maybe Mars Records) – the MV for their single ‘Inside My Head’ is a symphony of gorgeously captured images tracing the paths of an array of characters across China. Directed by Icebee Ma and the Geek Shot Jack team, there’s not much of a through-line to the proceedings here – but damn is it captivating stuff nevertheless, making great use of location, shadows, and reflections – building to an obscure and bizarrely moving catharsis.

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