MV Weekly: YEHAIYAHAN, Nerve Passenger

YEHAIYAHAN – Under The Moonlight 

The transformation of artist ChaCha reaches its conclusion as the artist confidently emerges as YEHAIYAHAN on ‘Under The Moonlight’ – the title track off the veteran Shanghai songstress’s much-anticipated release. And what better time to return to your roots than with your born name by your side. Yehaiyahan who has dabbled in everything over the past decade – including R&B, trip-hop, reggae, and most recently transfixing avant-garde witch house (Faded Ghost) – heads to the ancestral home of the Yi minority in Daishan Village. Located in Daliang Mountains of Sichuan, the music video, shot on 16mm camera, is a gorgeous ode to exploring one’s roots through exploring the world around you.

Nerve Passenger – 中环留念

First off – hat tip to getting a filling out a music video that lasts over eight minutes. People might not realize it but that’s an impressive feat in itself. Double props to maintaining the dream-like mood throughout the music video’s duration cut to Nerve Passenger’s latest single ‘中环留念’. The Shanghai indie rock band, whose moody slow-burning tracks dip their toes in post-rock and shoegaze, are firing on all cylinders with the track. The video follows it’s love-worn lost souls through the streets of Shanghai, including a pit shop at Neo Bar, one of the scene’s most underrated venues, before crescendoing into a symphony of blurred images and emotions. 

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