MV Weekly: XTX, Swimful

Swimful – Agony 

Take a trip down memory lane with Swimful, as the Shanghai-based producer, alongside guests Yayoyanoh and Organ Tapes, explores the ruins of the legendary and now-defunct Shelter nightclub – the former bomb-shelter catacombs that hosted many of Shanghai’s most cutting-edge electronic artists and become the home of the SVBKVLT label, which Swimful’s newest and delightful new EP was released on. A melancholic, nocturnal dance number that’s drenched in mood and heartbroken angst – the video serves as an almost archeological exploration of modern Shanghai, and the forgotten nooks and crannies that its city dwellers strive to hold onto. 


XTX  谢天笑 – The Oldest Dance 最古老的舞蹈

One of the rock world’s biggest contenders, XTX is back with a new single and video. Shot in ghostly black and white, the music video weaves together images of ancient and modern China and juxtaposes them against one another. Horses, crows, red wine, and sultry entertainment all become the fever dream of singer XieTianxiao, presenting a collage of fragmented and chaotic memories that, as the singer states, aim to help him find direction in the confusion.

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