MV Weekly: Wu Tiao Ren, City Flanker

Wu Tiao Ren 五条人 – Plastic Flowers 塑料花

Guangzhou urban poets Wu Tiao Ren, who skyrocketed to much-deserved stardom after their riotous appearance on The Big Band last summer, have returned with a mammoth double album release. One of the singles listeners can actively listen to (without having to pay a flat fee of 20rmb per album) is ‘Plastic Flowers’., written with Guangdong post punk outfit Mercader. Rendered in stark black and white motion-capture 3D animation, the video gives the band’s rugged magical realism the perfect outlet – as the duo roams through a deserted city of sin and excess.

City Flanker – 坠入

Hangzhou’s City Flanker, known for their retro-futuristic sound drenched in waves of synths, plunging beats, and an ‘atmosphere would be right at home prom night circa 1986,’ return to the fray with a new single ‘坠入. Depicting a waking dream – a trance between temptation and endless fantasy, it’s a smoke-machined filled neon-soaked piece of filming that suits the song’s intoxicating swirl of psychedelic and chillwave music. Digging the DIY aspects – a cross between David Lynch and Gregg Araki.

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