MV Weekly: Wogui de Huoche, Nocturnes

New music videos from Beijing based indietronic duo Nocturnes and Hangzhou jangly dream pop trio Wogui de Huoche. Colors and abandoned radar stations!

Wogui de Huoche 卧轨的火车 – Fire Sea 火海

One of the most promising young bands to emerge breakout onto the scene last year with the hazy dream pop outfit Wogui De Huoche (Lying on Rail Tracks) whose 2016 release Aftermath was one of the standout albums of the year. The trio been expanding their reach since then and their latest music video ‘Fire Sea’ captures so much of what made their recent album work so much in the first place. Lo-fi, humid, bittersweet neo-psychedelia straight from the remote (and from the looks of it) abandoned mountains on the outskirts of Hangzhou. Youtube

Nocturnes 曳取 – Echoes 就像你在回应我

Gotta love colors! Purple, green, red – pretty much all the colors of rainbow. So you can imagine the simple pleasures in watching Beijing based electronic pop duo Nocturnes’ latest music video for ‘Echoes’ off of their forthcoming debut LP due out at the end of the year. Our two silhouetted performers against the primary color spectrum and a spine-tingling atmospheric number and yeah – you’ve got my attention.

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