MV Weekly: VU, GaiWaEr

VU – Block 909

Beijing based electronic producer VU – known for his Berlin-influenced, highly textured and dance hall ready techno music, unveil his latest album last week on Prajnasonic – SHENZHOU – which finds the sleek soundscaper getting down and groovy with an array of nerd-worthy gadgets including the 909 drum set which gets its own track in the aptly named ‘Block 909’. Even better, the mind-blowing 2D hand-painted music video for the song, from animator DaDazoo – a strode-heavy, consciousness-spilling acid trip that took over three months to make with over 3,000 pictures flying across your eyes in five minutes. It’s truly mesmerizing stuff. Just try to avert your eyes. 

GaiWaEr 街娃 – Rise 崛起

For a good dosage of hardcore anthems, then look no further than Chengdu outfit GaiWaEr, who go straight for the jugular and don’t let go. Their newest single ‘Rise’ from this year is a feat of muscular and emotional strength – a rallying call to the youth to persevere, toss away their weaknesses and rise proudly. And what better setting for this battle of wills than the soul-crushing environment of school. And despite the band having gone through ten members in just five years, they sound better than ever – raw, enraged, empowered, and hot-blooded – what more could you ask for in hardcore. 

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