MV Weekly: TrueTrue, Glow Curve

TrueTrue – Minerals

Truetrue, the collaborative duo of Macao electronic producer Eliot Lee and Boston based composer, vocalist, and producer Chuchu Wen – are at it again! The duo who describe themselves as ‘artificial intelligence with human emotions’ have been attracting lots of attention for their spine-tingling infectious blend of art pop and Neo soul and their new release Alchemy has them operating at peak form. Their single ‘Minerals’ showcases the label’s affinity for geometric figures and neon-soaked colors – as they look to tell a story of AI trying to save the human race by testing ‘minerals’ on human test subjects. 

Glow Curve 发光曲线 – Approach 来临

Glow Curve – the ethereal post rockers are back with a new album – one with a stronger emphasis on vocals and slick intricate electronics – the perfect balance between dreamy dissonance and lush rhythms. Their opening track, which features renowned singer and poet Zuoxiao Zuzhou reciting a poem sent from the band (on an iPhone none the less), has two music video versions – Yin and Yang – the former a bit more delirious and dissociative and the latter shot in a more surrealistic format, with slower takes and linear editing. The two abstract versions complement each other nicely as well as the words that flow from Zuoxiao Zuzhou’s signature accented, croaky voice.  


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