MV Weekly: The Peppercorns, Struggle Session


The Peppercorns 飞椒 – Sirens 

Beijing’s psychedelic wall flowers The Peppercorns, whose art house gothic romance theatrics has entertained crowds in Beijing for the past couple years, gets a proper art school music video featuring decked out demons, both real and fictional, menacing imagery, and a frantic and paranoid protagonist, whose apocalyptic prophecy may or may not be true. Good goofy fun with plenty of weirdo Beijing cameos. 


Struggle Session – This Is Hardcore

There’s something about fastcore singles of unhinged, full throttle lunacy that’s perfect for the music video treatment. The idea of cramming as much as possible into a minute and change track becomes a feat in its own right, and Struggle’s satrical takedown of brocore culture, full of meatheads and high kicking posers set against the backdrop of 90s K Mart green screens, is pretty grand.

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