MV Weekly: The Paper Tigers, Dub Zen Melodist, Deep Mountains

Retro glam lo-fi glitch, hutong hipstery that’ll have you longing for a new liver, and a look at one of next month’s most anticpated releases – it’s time to check out the latest music videos including new stuff from Dub Zen Melodist, The Paper Tigers, and Deep Mountains.


Deep Mountains out, the atmospheric black metal outfit, out of Tai’an, are looking to hit it big this year with their forthcoming LP release, Land of Bloody Fog, which will bring back the dirt and grit to some of their former songs alongside another epic soul-crushing single. The release will be their first ever vinyl (which has already sold out) and will other goodies including this live-recorded video above. Telling you, these metal bands sure as hell know how to merchandise.


Let the shame of being a ‘Hutong Hipster’ wash over you with the latest Gulou-centric music video from Beijng-based band The Paper Tigers. Chock full of cameos from the scene’s various venues and dives as well as its clientele, it’s a pretty comprehensive run down of Beijing in all it’s hipster glory, for better or worse. Expertly shot and edited together, I can’t help but feel a little dirty watching something with such expat-tinted glasses. Then again, that probably says more about me then about these gents who certainly can cook up a catchy anthem.


One of last year’s great surprises was the latest bit of electronic mayhem from Australian-raised Beijing based producer Dub Zen Melodist – a pop rocks smorgasbord of sounds and references. The artist takes the idea of the ‘bricolage’ further in his latest MV for ‘Ethics’. It’s described by the artist as a ‘jolting pastiche of retro glam lo-fi glitch’, one that was put together on a caffeine bender. Couldn’t said it better.

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