MV Weekly: The Hotline, Cheesemind

The Hotline 热浪 – 无人剧

Beijing’s The Hotline – whose fizzy electro rock has engaged audiences for years – are back at it with the colorful, breezy jam ‘无人剧’. Off of the band’s debut LP from last year, the song is told through a magnitude of screens and miniature figurines – with a slick urban gloss that fits the band’s sound and lyrics (which are splashed across the screen in a variety of fonts) nicely. 

Cheesemind – Sugar-Free Soda 无糖汽水

The Xiamen-based indie pop band whose wonderful debut dropped last month, keep it mood snug and wistful on the low key pop ditty ’Sugar-Free Soda’. Playing into their city-pop sensibilities the band has cheekily called the accompanying music video a PV, an abbreviation that gets thrown a lot more in Japan for music videos (technically means promo video) and perhaps a reference to the band’s influences. But really, we’re here for the rainy slow grooving tour of Xiamen.  

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