MV Weekly: The Fuzz, Secret Club, Zhi 16


Looks like a lot of bands new year’s resolutions included more music videos cause January has seen a slew of eyeball engagers drop. This week we take a look at the latest MVs from Xi’an post punk outfit The Fuzz, Beijing britpop scene stealers Secret Club, and electronic collective Do Hits!’s youngest producer, Zhi 16.

Under the wing of Maybe Mars, Xi’an post punk favorites The Fuzz return with a new music video and single before their latest LP, The Root of Innocence, is released later this week. The Joy Division invoking, nostalgia inducing outfit goes for the heartstrings on their first single ‘0909 II\’ – an anthemic youth rallying call, that works on some many levels. The music video deftly captures the intricacies of everyday life for young adults, some of who are even passing on the mantle to their own little ones. It’s all supplemented by glorious timelapses of Xi’an – a city that does have it’s own rustic charm. Pumped to hear the rest of the album.

Beijing Britpop swooners Secret Club, veterans of the scene, continue their reign of catchy lovestruck singles with their latest ‘My Only Girl’, which lays of the schmaltz hard. Riverside sing-alongs. Hand grazing wheat. Papers blowing away in the wind only to be picked up by a unsuspecting beauty. Tight jeans. All the staples are there. Bask in the sap and the surprisingly charming tune. Good use of the Beijing Olympic Park – though I’m more curious as to where they found that cabin house with the ridiculous white picket fence.

One of last year’s biggest surprises was Do Hits! – the electronic collective founded by Beijing’s hottest producers – Howie Lee, Sulumi, Guzz and Billy Starman – in 2011, who released three kick ass compilations over 2015. The label kicked off the new year with their first EP – Can’t Stay Here No More from their young blooded producer Zhi 16. And with it, a MV for the track ‘Falling’ created by Howie Lee himself. Dig the futuristic yet retro-fitted aesthetic at play here which Howie Lee’s describes as ‘a model of a futuristic metropolis in the gloom, with steel towers, glitchy pavilions, molecular motion, broken images of a beautiful Chinese girl… all the ruins and trash of the city.’ Serious MS-DOS vibes.

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