MV Weekly: The Fallacy, Howie Lee

Howie Lee – Double Kings

Shanghai-based collective 18 UPPERCUT and creative studio TMRRW team up for the glorious new music video for Howie Lee’s ‘Double Kings’. Off of the maverick producer’s 2019 LP ‘Tiān Dì Bù Rén’ (one of our favorites of the year) – the delightfully kinetic and awe-inspiring video throws everything but the kitchen sink at viewers – Kaiju-sized zombie kung fu masters, lightsabers, shirtless gangsters, Blue’s Clue’s stylized meltdowns, and enough neon to give you an 80s style cocaine hangover. A labor of love from its creators – one that perfectly evokes and twists every piece of media that needled its way into their skull as kids. Bravo.

The Fallacy 疯医 – Dingguo Lake 定国湖

Xinxiang post punk band are slowly getting around to dropping their latest album (four years after Above The Neck, Under The Bridge) and they’ve got a new single and music video to prove it. ‘Dingguo Lake’ tracks the feelings of dislocation that comes with histories and areas being replaced by new man-made structures (the namesake lake is, in fact, an artificial lake based in Xinxiang). Directed by Xue Dayan (the lead in Beijing band Glow Curve) and shot in stark black and white and using a variety of motifs, it’s a visually playful and cinematically captivating piece that’s anchored by two killer performances – saxophonist Li Zenghui (who has joined the band for their forthcoming album) and Du Hang (of Xinxiang punk staples Pumpkins) who scramble around the ruins like madmen, devouring flowers or carrying around clocks.

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