MV Weekly: The Bootlegs, THE 尺口MP

THE 尺口MP – 天涯海角

Speaking of the end(s) of the world, Fuzhou leisure pop favorites The Romp return with their latest single – a bittersweet jangly jam strategically related last week on 520. It proposes a romantic day out on the town shot in 8mm handheld camera – a fantasy dreamed up by our protagonist. Reality eventually seeps in, but just maybe our main character will seize the day. Expect THE 尺口MP’s new LP to drop at the end of the month.


Qingdao’s The Bootlegs prep their forthcoming release with a music video for their single ‘Children’. Taking footage from the 1968 French film ‘Naked Childhood’ the band looks to enter the perspective of said children for their latest.

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