MV Weekly: Horse Radio, Steve Rocks, gilded forest

Horse Radio – One Day

Inner Mongolian Beijing-based outfit Horse Radio return with a new single – the buoyant and exploratory ‘One Day’. The band continues to inject elements of krautrock, psychedelic music, electronica and experimental tones into their ancestor music – giving them room to breathe and allowing them to chart their own course. The video is full of gorgeous vistas of the Mongolian grasslands.


88risng electronic producer and musician Steve Rocks, also known as the rocker and vocalist behind synthpop outfit Brides Crisis新娘危机, brings his love for 70s/80s asian pop and vintage rock and roll to mad life on his latest single ‘I CAN BE YOUR FRANKENSTEIN’. Considered a ‘sadomasochistic love story full of conquest, compromise and submission’ the music video is a cheerful pop art concoction, evoking something you might come across on MTV in the mid-80s.

gilded forest – Are You Happy Now?

While Beijing-based neo folk-laced indie rockers gilded forest have found themselves separated geographically the band is still very much active – and they’ve got a new single to prove it!  ‘Are You Happy Now?,’ a slow burn of a song, gets a neon-drenched MV courtesy of Cynthia Lin and Dawei. Centered on the insomnia struggles of lead singer Queyue who eventually falls deep into a dream world of swirling colors and raucous sound alongside her fellow bandmates. The band will be hitting the road in Europe at the end of April.

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